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    ATU - can you fix the wiimote sniping? and other things...


      Not sure how it slipped by the developers, but the wiimote sniping is pretty bad. Can the devs snipe for 5 minutes and see how they can improve it? I've tweaked my settings to the point where it's improved some, but I've noticed other peculiarities.


      * point cursor on a fixed object and ADS. Immediately go out of ADS and the cursor is now a couple meters away from fixed object - no hand movement has taken place to take the cursor off the fixed object

      * going into ADS while on turning on the run and the camera locks up making it impossible to scope onto anything

      * this has happened 3 times now (just started sniping Friday): laying prone on catwalk on Hijacked pointed towards the front of the boat. I fired a shot, killed the enemy, but afterwards I was pointing towards the rear of the boat. Like the recoil made me spin 180 degrees - only there was no spin. Happened on other maps too.

      * cursor movement is pretty sensitive even at low sensitivity settings - reticle is all over the place

      * please take a look at sniping on traditional controller vs wiimote controller and balance them


      I realized it's May...6 months or so after game launch and I, as well, as everyone else am getting the sense that support for this game on Wii U is dead. Please prove us wrong.


      While you're at it:

      * fix connectivity/lag/hit detection - has gotten worse the longer the game's been out

      * fix the "joinable" flags where it says a friend/lobby is joinable, but is in fact not

      * fix the "new" flag on the calling card, etc even though nothing there is new

      * fix the wiimote controls for VTOL and Lodestar

      * change TDM and HCTDM to 125 points/kill. Have you not noticed barely anyone getting the upper scorestreaks (except via care packages)?

      * fix the problem where we lose half our all of our party if the leader backs out of a lobby - they often have to go back to the Nintendo main menu or unplug it

      * yes - you saw it coming - make a decision with DLC. At this point I don't care, but as a matter of principle (and good faith towards those who MAY buy a future COD), just make a decision. Yes or no, I don't care. Just show you care by choosing one.

      * give any lobby the ability to kick a player if the majority agrees - sick of these 8 year old trolls teamkilling, flash banging, and concussing teammates throughout the whole match then they join us again via player history. Add a "nuisance" report feature so you can ban them. Still seeing offensive emblems, clan names, NNIDs, etc too - did you stop policing?

      * target finder still shows players behind walls/rocks/etc

      * aim assist still unbalanced across controllers - I don't use it on wiimote, so I'd prefer it taken off completely for us...but I know some like it. Dual Analog should have it as it's harder to aim. Whatever it takes - buff wiimote for those that use it or nerf the DA...I don't care - just make it balanced.

      * a lot of the times when I press down on the dpad to knife, it switches my weapons instead (brand new wiimote/chuk)

      * a lot of the times when I press right on the dpad to change weapons, it knifes instead

      * when you press A to sprint, you start controlling the sentry gun - this probably happens with the AGR, too, but I'm not sure