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    So... we get to choose the next Personalization Pack?

      So OneofSwords, Activision's Community Manager, is reporting that we are going to get to vote for the next Personalization Pack. We have four choices...



      COMICS: Add some retro-heroic POW! to your matches.


      CYBORG: High-tech stripes let you go with the glow.


      DRAGON: Reptilian scales and a scarred hide for your personal firebreather.


      PALADIN: A noble suit of armor for your noble defense of the B flag.



      The vote will be on the Message of the Day, and the two highest vote-getters will be added, with Calling Cards, Reticles, etc. Thoughts? Any ideas for Camos they haven't had yet? Favorites? (If you say "Pack-a-Punch" you get a pie to the face)


      Not wanting this to become a debate about the necessity of Personalization Packs, that has been discussed to death. They are here for this title, would hate to see this discussion devolve into that same argument. Looking forward to your responses!


      My Choices? Digging the Comics Skin and the Paladin. Source:http://oneofswords.com/2013/05/you-choose-the-new-personalization-packs-in-call- of-duty-black-ops-ii/