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    Remington R870.

      Everyone knows that black ops2 shotguns are EXTREMELY overpowered. I checked Call of Duty wiki and it says that the Remington has a damage of 200-40. 200 is at close range and 40 is the maximum range of the gun. No wonder people hate and rage because of the shotguns, the shotguns in this game are not balanced at ALL. Here is a example. I'm shooting at the enemy, they turn around, without aiming without needing ANY skills the shoot me once and I find myself dead. These days you can't walk around the maps much because of this SPECIFIC gun. Modern Warfare 3 shotguns   Were balanced. When the character wants to pump the Remington it's quicker than blinking. Please Treyarch patch this weapon! At least make the pumping action slower so it won't be overpowered. This thing is ruining the game! The guy using it doesn't need any skills or problem with this weapon.T least KSG needs some skills but Remington it's just frustrating running into people with this thing!