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    What Do You Want To See in PC Version?

      I want to see proper RANKED DEDICATED SERVERS, that can be rented and clan run.

      I want to see "mod tools" so that competitive set up is available

      I want to see variable cfg maniupulation, so that we can tweek to get best performance from out hardware.

      I want to see bigger maps that are interactive and can expand /contract depending on players available.

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          1. Re: What Do You Want To See in PC Version?

          1. This is a must. If they want the pc to last any longer and make a little more money then they will give us Ranked Dedicated servers that we can run. We've already proven server admins ban cheaters ALOT quicker than any anti cheat can.


          2. This is a must too if we want to see a return of promod.


          3. This is a must too.


          4. This would actually be quite nice. Easily achieveable since theyve already shown its possible in modes like Sticks and Stones on BO1 where the maps were smaller than they normally were.



          Seeing the new Xbox One release they said the new matchmaking system on the xbox would allow for more players in servers. Im assuming this would mean possibly 32+ player servers like CoD originally had on the pc.

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            2. Re: What Do You Want To See in PC Version?

            Do it Modern Warfare 3 style but without the match making.


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              3. Re: What Do You Want To See in PC Version?

              Eventually mod tools. This is huge, if this is in I might consider COD. I've been a BFielder for a long time, now I see COD isn't so frakin ugly any more so I might give it a shot. Basically a game that looks like they gave a **** or two about PC: optimized, console commands (draw FPS, ping etc), and a good PC interface and options.


              If this is in, I'll wait till it drops to 30$. If it isn't, I'm happy continuing to play BF.

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                4. Re: What Do You Want To See in PC Version?

                Realy simple for me, real ranked dedicated server whit server browser like MW1 or me and my clan switch to BF4. Matchmaking kills the Pc community.

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                  5. Re: What Do You Want To See in PC Version?

                  Ranked Dedicated Servers - A Must for PC COD

                  Mod Tools - COD has been needing this since COD4. Adding modifications such as Promod for competitive play really does increase the competitive scene for it on PC Gaming.

                  CFG Editing - Something like a Console (~) to be able to edit game settings as you could in COD4. (To a certain limit)

                  Maps - Don't care


                  Myself been playing competitive COD for a little while has really been a fun experience. Only issue is I don't find much competitive support on the PC section. All they have to add are Mod Tools and Dedicated Servers and we're set!

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                    6. Re: What Do You Want To See in PC Version?

                    For me I want to see


                    1: Ranked Rentable Dedicated Servers

                    2: Punkbuster

                    3: Better Graphics than any COD game before

                    4: Proper Sound better than MW3/Black Op's 2

                    5: Config Editing

                    6: Custom Map Rotations with different gamemodes for each map all on the same rotation

                    7: Choose if you want a score or a time limit

                    8: Choose if you want Friendly Fire on or off in Hardcore

                    9: Larger maps than has been seen in COD before

                    10: Larger player numbers in each game



                    We will just have to wait though and see what information get's released before the release, but I bet they will do the old trick of "Cod 4 style servers" and then drop the bombshell of them being unranked and hidden.

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                      7. Re: What Do You Want To See in PC Version?

                      Gaming clans require rentable ranked and unranked servers it's that simple, without somewhere to call home and recruit new members the clans are suffering, I've seen many fold over the last two CoD titles and its a crying shame.


                      Unfortunately I don't think we will be able to rent servers and that will mark an end of an era for me and gaming in CoD.

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                        8. Re: What Do You Want To See in PC Version?

                        I won't even consider trying Ghosts on a free weekend unless it has


                        1) Fully operational and customizable, rentable, ranked and unranked servers, both with leveling up/prestiging seperately.


                        2) Absolutely no hint of matchmaking whatsoever.   - I would say have both matchmaking to official servers, and rented servers... but they have proven for a fact that they would just sabotage the community servers to force people into matchmaking... exactly like they did for MW3.   - ABOLISH MATCHMAKING FOREVER


                        3) Have a system in place for users to report "ranked" servers that impose game changing rules like crouch or weapon/perk restrictions... Instead of having their "anti cheat" team removing hackers (HA) they would only have to look into server reports. It would be MUCH easier, faster, and cheaper for them to "police" servers instead of players.


                        4) Full set of modding and mapping tools - Don't care if they still charge for their DLC content or not... but community map designers are 100 times more talented than anyone working at Activision. They can keep their DLC maps, the community will just make better versions of them.


                        5) Last but by far the most important... FULL DOCUMENTATION ON WHAT THE GAME WILL HAVE!!  None of this "ranked dedicated servers confirmed" tweet crap that gives ZERO information and can and is used to mislead the community....   FULL DOCUMENTATION explaining EXACTLY what kind of servers we get, a full breakdown of everything we can customize, a full description on the state of the servers (do they have proper logs, can they be run by various GSP's, etc)   -- They can "tweet" all the 1 sentence statements they like, unless we have FULL DOCUMENTATION then everyone should consider everything they claim to be a 100% bold faced lie.

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                          9. Re: What Do You Want To See in PC Version?

                          They'll probably pull a black ops 2 and promise "Ranked Dedicated Servers" through Match Making lol

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