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    Looking for Guitar Hero Metallica players (Xbox 360) (Expert)

      Looking for Guitar Hero Metallica players to jam with.


      I play guitar and do quite well, though i am not cocky because my friends can beat me. I play EXPERT on the game. Also looking for someone to play Death Magnetic album with. I am a unique player unlike anything you've ever seen before because I use all 5 of my fingers to play. Yes, including the thumb. It sounds weird, but it's true. Don't have a youtube video to show you guys unfortunately because i do not own a capture card. But now are some of my specs for you guys to benchmark how good i am:


      Battery: Highest 94%, usually 92%


      MoP: Don't play that much but am good.


      Frantic: 98-99% usually, 88% blindfolded, have not FCed yet.


      Dyers Eve: Highest 94%, usually 92%.


      All Nightmare Long: Highest 97%, usually 96%.


      Death Magnetic specs:


      Unforgiven III: 99%, 5035 in the world.


      Suicide and Redemption JH: 98%, 7000 in the world.


      My Apocolypse: Don't ask.


      The Day that Never Comes: 94%.




      GH WoR:


      Fury of the Storm: Highest 92%, Usually 86%


      3 Megadeth songs: About 88%


      Again, looking for GH Metallica players mostly, love the charting style on that game, but i can still play GH WoR, GH III, and may be getting van halen soon. When any interested player replies i'll post my gamertag. Looking for a player to jam with 2-3 times a week, preferrably with an xbox live mic so i can talk to them.