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    Report the Cheaters Guide

      I have been watching the leaderboards in Hardcore mode, and have found many unlikely leaders, in HC Search and Destroy the top 4 players are all boosters and I am sick of it, watching how people just cheat and cheat and for what every one can see it, I just feel bad for the people who was in top 10 the legit way and now are totally forgotten its is bad for the game and for the hardcore community who is being looked down upon by Activision already.

      So back to the guide.

      1. Log on to Elite

      2. Go to Support

      3. Press contact us

      4. Enter the console and game (for me its 'ps3 and Mw3)

      5. find the phrase "Report a Cheater"

      6. Do the report, remember to be very through out with the report.

      I hope you found your way, and that you are going to report a lot of guilty players so we can clean the game