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    Guide to teh OT V1.9

      In memory of snakedocter and kamchakka


      Forum etiquette states: When you double post you've to offer a kitteh to evil


      Never start a three-word thread. Or any game thread.


      Using the search fuction is a hidden secret. Don't explain it.


      Posting what's your favorite tv show, movie, music threads is frowned upon.
      Please refer to the TV thread of Music thread.


      No crying in teh OT


      Always provid proof and source whilles making a “confirm” thread about next COD


      GraSS and SaND are OP


      SnoW isn't not even P


      Hello threads and I'm back threads are a fail. There is an unofficial introduction thread


      I'm leaving thread is a automatic fail


      Stewy and beaver are the biggest enemy's of teh OT


      No zombie threads. They suck


      No poems. stories or fictional fantaties of you and any COD character


      Canada isn't a real country


      Bacon and taco's are the offical food


      Smoking is allowed


      No slack will be cut


      Stay off snackdocs lawn


      Wanting a speargun as a special weapon in the next COD is what we all want


      Thou shalt not go in the grass on Stormwatch. There is something in it that reminds me of EviL.

      Complaining about the copied something from somebody etc etc is a sin. Doing it not. Because everybody does it.


      Thou shalt not complain about he points and badges. Or you might.


      The burn ward is gone. So be carefull


      No alien threads just like the no zombies.


      FalconR6 has no game. He will say he has but he doesn't


      Maccabi is the big dog

      +and chick magnet

      ++ That caused the bugs on the forum on the 26th of feb 2014. To many girls on the forum











      Later edition will be made

      V1.2 add 3 more

      V1.3 added 1 more

      V1.4 added speargun

      V1.5 added new rules

      V1.6 added something about the points

      V1.7 aliens

      V1.8 falconr6 rule

      V1.9. maccabi added




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