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    So what does *Improved and expanded who can be the host of a game lobby.* mean?

      So now that this game has been out for 6 months, you mean to tell me that not just anyone can be host in black ops2?


      So now i am confused. I thought this game would search for the overall best connection in a lobby. I know that when i am party leader with a group of 6, it will rarely give me host or a preferd connection unlike in past COD games. Instead i constantly struggle to get 3 bar connection and it seems they give the host to the most unstable person in the room. Usually 3 host migrations per game will confirm that.


      So can someone please explain what this means? Is treyarch finally going to give players with good internet a chance to host now? Or have they decided that those with 56k dial up should be given host more often?