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    Patch - Secondary Weapons - Did they deserve to be nerfed?

      I assume most people have seen that both the KAP 40 and B23R had its damage reduced and both had a nerf in hipfire and dual weild department.


      My question is, do you think it deserved to nerfed?


      I honestly don't think it does because to me they were pretty much perfect. Dual Wield had been nerfed a lot of the KAP 40 in previous patches which brought it in line.


      I feel they've just tried to take away the ability to use them as a strong secondary stand alone weapon e.g. use the weapon like a primary instead of its intended role and to be honest the nerfs were that slight according to several videos that it didn't make too much a noticeable difference.


      So do you feel they desrved to be nefed?


      EDIT: I do want to make clear that the damage up close wasn't changed as such, it was the range damage so it would take 6 shots to kill with the KAP-40 at range and the B23R had a slight damage reduction so you'd need all 3 shots to kill in the head (I think).


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