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    Will CoD: Ghosts Be Cross Platform? (Xbox 360/One)

      I have some questions for the developpers about current and next-gen consoles:


      Will the multiplayer mode be cross platform between Xbox 360 and Xbox One?


      (Xbox 360 players playing against Xbox One players and vice-versa)



      Will the players have 2 distinct profiles on the Xbox 360 and Xbox One or will these two share one unique profile?


      (Suppose I buy CoD: Ghosts on the Xbox 360 in november then I buy the Xbox One on its release date and a copy of CoD: Ghosts Xbox One version, will I be able to continue my player career on my Xbox One exactly where I left it on my Xbox 360 or will I have to start all over?)



      How will CoD: ELiTE deal with 4 different consoles (Xbox 360/One and PS3/PS4)?


      (ie: 4 types of clans: one for each console OR 2 types of clans: 1 for Microsoft consoles and 1 for Sony consoles)



      Thank you for your answers.

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          Re: Will CoD: Ghosts Be Cross Platform? (Xbox 360/One)

          The only definitive answer we have so far is that Xbox One and Xbox 360 players will not be able to play together, same goes for the PS3/PS4 players.  As far as the other two, I'm sure we'll get some answers at E3, or during the MP reveal at the end of July/beginning of August.

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              Re: Will CoD: Ghosts Be Cross Platform? (Xbox 360/One)

              Thanks for the info!


              Infinty Ward developers recently tweeted that multiplayer info would be released around august and september. It makes sense since CoD multiplayer is always annouced and the end of the summer each year.


              Here's what I would really like to see:


              • CoD Ghosts being supported by ELiTE
              • Clan Competitions: challenges/operations with unlocks/rewards
              • Past CoD titles progression and levels shown on CoD Ghosts clan page (for MW3/BO2 clans)
              • CoD Ghosts in-game showcase of your clan's level in previous CoD titles (displayed on the Playercard)
              • Special loyalty rewards for clans who reached level 50 in MW3 and/or BO2 (special emblems, exclusive camos, etc)



              I know I'm asking a lot but all of these things are achievable by the developers if they care about their fans! I've been with the CoD franchise since the very beginning on PC and switched to console with Modern Warfare. I've always purchased the special and limited editions and been loyal all the way by not switching to Battlefield even though it has been tempting sometimes!

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                  Re: Will CoD: Ghosts Be Cross Platform? (Xbox 360/One)

                  I like some of the points you'd like to see, clan specific in-game challenges would be nice, a clan-wars playlists would be pretty cool aswell, instead of having every single players details on the leaderboard have an overall clan leaderboard which displays your clan name only, you can only join the playlist if you are registered with a clan on elite and only registered clan members in your party can play in that playlist. Of course inlcude playlists inside of the Clan-Wars playlist for 3v3,4v4,6v6,12v12 or however many players the game can support, have it include all objective based modes and TDM in a moshpit style map/mode rotation

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                Re: Will CoD: Ghosts Be Cross Platform? (Xbox 360/One)

                i do have the answer to your second question will you have to make a new id for to use on the new xbox one the answer is no you can use the same id or account that you use now will work on xbox one

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                  Re: Will CoD: Ghosts Be Cross Platform? (Xbox 360/One)

                  The problem with allowing stats to carry over is balancing and fairness (excluding the technical issues of doing so for a minute). Do you think its fair that someone who grinds through prestiges on the 360 can then transfer everything over to the x1 when it comes out and be that far ahead of someone who say waited to buy the game till the x1 launched?


                  I know the arguement here could be made well its no different than getting the game in nov or as an xmas pressie but imo I would prefer to see everyone start on a new console afresh.




                  What I would like to see added at a later date say around the time the first dlc comes out is the option to transfer stats be it as a paid service or as a feature on elite. As alot of people myself included would be getting ghosts on this gen console then migrating over as player populations increase on next gens and i dont want to be forced to continue playing on one platform .


                  Stats are collected and held by a server and viewable on elite so transferring them although posing some technical issues is doable. (albeit a headache for whoever has to ) . This is why i would prefer it to be either apaid service or part of say the season [pass or premium service of cod (if there is one) as stat transfering even automated is going to eat up alot of manhours for someone in iw towers.

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                    Re: Will CoD: Ghosts Be Cross Platform? (Xbox 360/One)

                    I would love to hear the answer to this as well, but I have another question:


                    If I unlock things on the 360, then switch over to the One for a day, would the stats and unlocks I get on the One carry back over to my 360 when I switch back over?

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