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    reset the game?



      I play this game since the begin, I'm around 100.000Kills, I unlocked most of the challenges, i got all weapons in diamonds since January so i begin to feel bored in multiplayer.

      So, i think about to restart the game since few weeks.


      Btu i have some questions if I reset:

      • Will I lose my emblems ?
      • Will I lose my unused prestige tokens ?


      By advance, ty for answers

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          Re: reset the game?

          You will lose everything and start from scratch as if you have never played.


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              Re: reset the game?

              ty for fast answer. I asked because 2 days ago, i played a guy who had restarted the game (he was wearing the calling card of reset) and played with a class AN94 at prestige0 level40. Reported him though..


              Well, I will make some screenshots about what i had unlocked earlier and I will reset. Hope i'll have the fortitude to go to master prestige again and unlocked everything but no sure lol.

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              Re: reset the game?

              Well, game is reset, i played few round and have been called hacker and reported most of the time pff.. the community still great with beginners, nvm that's funny to unlock attachments and challenges another time , i missed it =)

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                Re: reset the game?

                Take care if you want to do a "fresh start" when master prestige!!

                My friend cannot do a fresh start pfff. We asked some master prestige, and some of them can reset when others cannot.. we are like wtf..


                I checked in forums and found this thread: http://community.activision.com/message/414470201

                That's a shame...

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