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    New Stat??


      After having some thoughts i think it might be a good thing if Treyarch and IW add 1 intresting stat to this game.

      The stat im talking about is the DNF% (did not finish) that already has been used alot in sports  games like madden for instance.

      Based on this you could get into a lobby and see what  kind of people are in the lobby with you.


      now this stat should only based  people either finish the game or use the leave match option. (either start of the game or joined midway)


      ofcourse people have the option to dashboard to preserve stats but this is where bans come into play.

      Bans as they are right now are nothing and should be alot stricter.

      this means everyone who:

      • signs out of psn
      • pull the disk from the ps3
      • pulls out internet cord
      • wait for the game to kick them in spectate
      • go AFK

      there are probaly some more but these i can think off at the moment.

      most speak for themself but AFK is 1 that annoys me alot but i have no idea on how they actually stop this.
      i think if someone hasent moved after respawn like 3 times in a row that person should just be kicked from the game as this person is not contributing to the team at all.


      i also left teamkilling in HC out of it as you have people who teamkill just to get booted, but you have also people who do their best to have teammates get booted and you have the clueless Core player who throws randoms lethals and shoot recklessly to get booted.


      As of now they already are getting punished but if this got any stricter i think HC would attract alot more trolls and i rather not see them in the modes i play lol.


      I think this might be a decend middle ground so that those who hate quitters can see before a game what they can expect when it comes to quitting and it will also make life harder for those dashboarders.


      It should also prevent the stat whores for either quitting or dashboarding as DNF% is a dead give away about who surfs lobbys looking for noobs and for those who stats might not be all that but at least show they are fighters.


      Bare in mind that it does require a better connection from treyarch and IW.


      its not a final solution or any but it could be a good indicator as to know what type of persons you are playing with.


      It should also be possible to make this part of the matchmaking as it will pair up people close to each other in terms of DNF and so serial quitters will thrown together and fighters might actaully get alot of more close games then they get now.

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          great idea

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            Wow!!  Finally a stat I can excel at!! 

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              no way. i'm always getting dropped from the server. those would count and make me look bad. it already gets me a probation from time to time ( i legitimately quit 1-2 matches per day i play).

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                I appreciate the idea, and I do think matchmaking s one of the biggest issues with the game, leading to bad hosts and lag.  However, I already find there are lobbies you can sit in for ten minutes while it constantly reorganises teams to "balance" because one or two people leave.  The clock counts down and you're about to start, one person leaves and the process starts all over again.  A DNF stat would just make this even worse.


                Just as a side note, I dont know if it is my internet or a what, but every now and then (not too often thank god) I get disconnected with a message saying "no ethernet detected".  It signs me out from PSN and obviously the match.  The annoying thing is it usually happens when I am doing well and the match is all but won.  This has only happened with BO2, no other CoD.

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                    same here with the "you have been disconnected from the PlayStation network" or something like that. all is well on my end, so i can only assume it's theirs. it's fine, as i don't notice..until i get probation. LOL


                    as for quitting a lobby right before a match starts: i do that. i wait to see which map is voted in. if Nuketown, i bail. i ain't even gonna lie. LOL

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                        i dont think leaving a lobby before the game starts is wrong lol.


                        if you get probation for that them something is awefully wrong .


                        also i used to have the same issues as senna but for some reason it hasent appeared in a while.

                        but knowing my luck i just jinxed myself hahahhaa.

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                      Good idea

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                        Another stat for them to NOT use correctly in matchmaking and one that is sure to cause people to drop from lobbies before game starts so the clock resets again and again?  No thanks.  I'd like more than one match per three hours.

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                          Agree apart from spectating as how can you have a DNF if you DNStart?

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                              well if you spectate and you dont want to join you will have to use the leave match option.


                              i doubt they can make a distinction between when someone uses it when in a game and when spectacting a game.


                              also when you spectacte and let the game boot you its pretty much the same as getting kicked for teamkilling lol.

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                                  You are wrong there pal. You don't use the leave magtch option as you get kicked for inactivity,which isn't the same as quitting. You cannot quit something if you didn't start it.

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                                If they did add the Did Not Finish stat, they should also add a Matches Joined In Progress stat. Because I'm not going to fight hopelessly for 5 minutes to lose a match I had nothing to do with.

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                                  I think a good stat would be the WAR stat like baseball so we could tell how a player contributes to the team. It would seperate the good stat players from the actual good players.

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                                    A) Nobody really cares about pub stats that much. The leaderboards are hacked to oblivion and the only stats people care about are w/l. and kd


                                    B) adding a DNF wouldn't do anything, because the amount of times people

                                    -Leave because of lag

                                    -Leave because of joining a game in progress

                                    -Leave because you join a game with the enemy team dominating

                                    -Leave because your team sucks

                                    -Rage quit


                                    Those numbers are tremendous. At least a quarter of the lobby has this happen to them every game. So those who had a positive DNF ratio would be miniscule. People would be unable to judge why the DNF is so low because it doesn't measure a single stat. It might as well be called, "How bad is your internet/our servers stat"