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    Veritas Gaming is Recruiting - PS3/PC/XBOX

      Veritas Gaming (VG) started as a FPS clan for the PS3 back in  2010. With a foundation of friendship, loyalty, and structure, VG has  grown from a clan to a community. We now have a place for any person  looking to meet fellow games from all around the world.



      Currently, VG supports rosters for PS3, PC, and XBOX. We support divisions for Call of Duty, Battlefield, Minecraft.  Furthermore, many of our members play a wide variety of other games. We  are continuously expanding, and will be looking to support many more titles in the future.



      Types of VG Members



      1)  Structure Member - A ranked position. This is the perfect place for a  person who is simply looking to have fun while improving game  performance and building comradely. Regular practice attendance is  required.



      2) Flexible Member - A ranked  position. This is for people who do not wish to be dedicated to a  single game or have the time for regular practices.



      3)  Social Member - An unranked position. This is for people who wish to  join the community while remaining with another clan. You gain access to  the forums, and are only required to post once every 3 months.



      Because of the versatility of VG, there are no skill requirements. We are looking for loyalty, sportsmanship, and maturity. However, we do have two key requirements.

      1) Ages 16+

      2) Headset



      Please feel free to explore our forums further!



      Veritas Gaming Homepage



      Rules and Regulations



      Structure (Also illustrates the many opportunities within VG)











      Twitter: @VeritasGamingHQ

      Facebook: https:www.facebook.com/VeritasGaming



      The Call of Duty Recruitment Staff




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