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    Remember when playing Call of Duty was just a game?

      It is so sad what has become of a great franchise. Leave it to big business to ruin anything thats good. The people who actually started it all, fired or left on their own accord as a direct result from the actions created by Actvision. So sad. That this is what it has become.


      I remember that game as when it first came out, the original. It was by far one of the greatest games created. They had truly changed a genre forever. Only of they knew what would become of it. People complaining about every little firggin thing. This gun is op, this map is too small, this map is too big, this killstreak is too powerful, this one is too esay to get, people always spam this or that, this camo is stupid, why does xbox always get dlc first, this guy camps, this guy just runs around, this guy is afk, this guy doesn't play the way I do, lag oh lag lag lag, you knew this existed way before this title, yet you still bought it and still complain, 12 year olds screaming on mics, blah blah blah blah. You get the point.


      Only if the originals knew what their master peice would become, would they have created it to begin with? So sad. They will keep pumpimg out their cash cow, and the masses, (or sheep) will keep buying the same game over and over again. Nothing will ever change. Why should they change it, its worked out so far for them.


      People just come here to complain, its human nature to complain. This is the spot for it. As a post that compliments the game or mentions good things just go to the bottom of the page then forgotten. Complaint threads though, get the most responses and tend to stay at the top. What does that tell you?


      People take this game way to seriously, and what for? It gets you nothing. There is no prize at the end, there is no money in it for you, just some stat that means nothing. Is that what people play for stats, or what camo their gun my have. I tell you I never killed someone in game and saw their camo and said "wow that guy must be good, look at that come his gun has" BFD!. Its a game, means nothing. The sad truth is though, people forgot this a long time ago.


      You get no trophy, no street cred, no bragging rights, nothing. Just point, shoot, kill. easy. Plain and simple. Remember its just a game, you die, you respawn, you try again. The sun will still rise in the morning. The quicker you remember this, the more fun you may have. If you sill want to complain about being shot in the back, bad spawns, lag. Well wake up this is COD, this is what it has become, its been like this for a long time now, and doesn't seem to change. You should all know this by now.  You don't like it, there are many other games out there. Now you know this, either take that dump or get off the pot, plain and simple.


      Oh, and Ghosts, guess what, it will be the same thing again. Just prepare for it, you know what the game plays like and what happens in game. Just a warning to all of you who may think otherwise. You can try to be optimistic. But the track record will prove otherwise. The truth hurts, but its the truth. I wish the COD community the best of luck in their ventures as they go forth in life. Remember its a merry-go-round,once the ride is over that its for you, make the most of it, and go happy, miserable will get you nowhere.