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        180. Re: Active Friends Needed

        Haha, it appears you know him too Luis x). Yea, scout has been the player I sought out to be. He was amazingly good. His code is 355323499090 (Smokie). Ill tell him your code too Luis. Though, he did say he was going to quit soon because his connection was really crappy. I forgot your code Luis though x) and Im too lazy to find it. However, scout/smokie said on facebook that you, Tyler and I were good, haha.

        Last Edited: Oct 6, 2013 8:23 PM
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          181. Re: Active Friends Needed

          Not sure what happened to my account, it looks like I have a new one now?

          Played some matches against him today, didn't give me a hard time, pretty sure he ragequitted too.

          I remember having some nice tube battles with scout a while back, never knew it was the same person.

          Last Edited: Oct 6, 2013 9:57 PM
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            182. Re: Active Friends Needed

            Yea same, it surprised me when Smokie said he was scout. Haha, I remember the time when I was trying to beat him with my m60e4 but he kept tearing me up . Yea, Smokie/scout rage quits a lot now. He keeps saying his connection sucks and I dont blame him because he has a 3 bar then suddenly it becomes a 1 and 2 bar. Basically it means that he is hopping around like a frog sometimes.

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              183. Re: Active Friends Needed

              ok well my fc is 428826356299 and ill add him when i can

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                184. Re: Active Friends Needed

                i played with him too yesterday but i got destroyed had a really bad team and the connection wasnt that great and i joined late

                Last Edited: Oct 7, 2013 4:40 AM
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                  185. Re: Active Friends Needed

                  Honestly, I don't know who he is xD

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                    186. Re: Active Friends Needed

                    Hi buds my IGN 's Cyanur3 i m new in COD MW R, I m a player from Golden eye wii with the name of L0uR3nC0. Here im Cyanur3 ( Cyanide) level 14 i from France i send my FC : 3088-5920-8963 for now i m a noob in this game x) I ve recently played against members of FT clan GAGA, Bre4k and one other i don't remember his name. thank you for aswering me  

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                      187. Re: Active Friends Needed

                      Lol, it is okay Catania x). Scout was an talented player with ak back then. Also, alright Luis. Imma tell him your code now

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                        188. Re: Active Friends Needed

                        1 more thing [Y7J], scout said that he didnt recognize your name at first . He said quote: "now that I think of it [Y7J] is a formidable opponent" .

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                          189. Re: Active Friends Needed

                          HEY man good games we owned everyone lol some people ragequit but yeah it was fun we were kind of too strong for everyone oh and you quit at the right time that match after you quit had a frikin tuber which was ANNOYING

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