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    A theory on the whole Hells Bells easter egg

      I haven't tried this but it just a theory. Well every time you kill Brutus you hear a bell similar to the church bell in Tranzit. Well what does one do in a church? They repent for all the sins they have committed. Well in Mob of the Dead Brutus does also say **** like "Think of your sins" etc. Well when each character goes down each character enters into a monologue that I could take as them repenting for the things they have done. So what I am suggesting is have a character get downed by Brutus and once that character starts monologuing then the other characters kill Brutus. Then do this with the other 3 characters. That way they have all repented for their sins. Then my guess is that this might just get rid of Brutus for the rest of the game. Like I said just a theory.