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    Add better guns to mystery box and make zombies harder.

      All Iam saying is that some guns pulled from the box is a wast of space as barly 10 guns are in the box anyways.

      like SMR, (even pAp) It still sucks, War machine, OMG sucks so bad. My real question is would it be to much if you add more guns.

      you dont even have to program a new gun, just use the old guns from wAw. no problem. COme on

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          Re: Add better guns to mystery box and make zombies harder.

          i agree the box could use more variety. it should be able to hold at least 30 weapons. but the more weapons it holds, the more difficult it will be to get the item you want/need. some people wouldnt mind that, some would just complain.but im sure by round 20 just about all of us would have enough money to spam the box looking for what we want.


          i think the smr, fal, and single 5-7 are just there to troll us and frustrate us. but the rpg and war machine are pretty beast PaP. i mean most of us dont run strategies based off having these weapons, but they arent bad.

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            Re: Add better guns to mystery box and make zombies harder.

            adding wall weapons is nice but box variety would even be better, they've showed this in MOTD, by removing most of the bad weapons, adding weapons in cant be difficult, this was shown by adding a WW in the box each map and it was different (speaking of that, what has happened to our WWs?)

            apparently in custom zombies for WaW the weapon limit per map is like 120/130, and only 30 of those slots are used, this number must have increased for BO/BO2, but i think its hard enough to get the weapon you want anyways and adding a $hit ton more while i wouldnt object to that, it would be even harder for say to get the ray gun or monkeys or the wonder weapon, but i do think if its the same weapon limit, they can change the guns up, they can use any MP weapon they wish, and they have various BO/WaW weapons also coded in the game ready to be used

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              Re: Add better guns to mystery box and make zombies harder.

              Guys , its called the MYSTERY box , not the good weapon box , they know ot sucks , and by the way , THAT MAKES ZOMBIES A BIT HARDED , i bet you cant survive to round 20 woth just war machine and SMR , want it more challenging? Survive with those 2 . IN THE JUGGERNOG ROOM

              if the box had good weapons , it would SUCK , plus , if it was hard , noobs will stop playing , that would lose the company lots and lots of money , enjoy what you have and do fuqin challenges of you wanna make it harder

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