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    Clan EpiX (New PS3 Clan) #1 Staffing (Fast Application System)

      If you click this post is because you are looking for clan. Let me make this quick. Only stay and continue reading if you fall into one of these tags.


      Tag Lists:

      • Late night Player
      • Active Player
      • Mature Player
      • Girl Gamer
      • PlayStation addict
      • Domination
      • Team Deathmach
      • Father Gamer
      • Mom Gamer
      • The Girlfriend type of gamer
      • Friendly
      • Badass player
      • New Gamer



      Okay, now that you have seen the couple of tags if you fit into any one them then CLAN EpiX is for YOU!


      Hi my name is DarkTamerx, I've been around games my whole life. I know what type of clan I need to create to get a mixture between competitive gamers and gamers who just wants to play for fun. At Clan EpiX we will bring that to you. I will continue to strive for the best to make Clan EpiX go global. No this is not a gimmick. If you are interested in Clan EpiX visit the Clan Website. (Yes we have one) Takes just a few seconds to register and play with EpiX PLAYER!


      .::Information about the clan::.


      *Dominantly  a Central Timezone Clan. Most of our players play late night because a lot of our players work during the day. We play Domination, Hardpoint, Team Deathmatch. Almost everything to be honest. Our staffing currently hold a 2.3 KD AVG. We have a very fast application system and an awesome forums to communicate with our members.



      .:: Clan Website ::.




      .::Contact me::.

      DarkTamerX (@PSN)



      .:: Requirements::.

      • Microphone
      • 16+ Years Old
      • 1.00 KD Ratio
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