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    [W!N]™ Recruiting (MW3/PS3)

      We are looking for players to fill up some of our squads. We are a PS3 based clan, and we currently play MW3, and if you fit the bill with the rules below, you'll do the job. Good luck!



      - If you are not playing or don’t know if your playing in the clan ops, please click the maybe box on the events page, or leave a comment in there if you don’t wish to use the events.

      - Before the clan ops start, make sure you are online in the a party with the rest of the clan 10 minutes before the start of the op.

      - Must help premium members in clan ops, by using variety of perks, equipment, packages and playing styles.

      - Premium members are the VIPs in clans ops so make sure to listen for instructions off them

      - NO CHEATING. This includes private matches, XP lobbies and jail-broken consoles

      - No abuse to leaders/ co-leaders

      - Put effort into games and make sure you W!N, hence why our clan is called W!N

      - I don’t want to see camping unless it’s for a good cause such as objective games, e.g. HQ, domination/demolition/S&D/CTF (defending). If seen in camping or small zone camping, you will be considered not putting any effort in.

      - Please do not make a clan account unless authorised by a clan leader/co-leader!



      - If your not active on your playstation, please set your status to away and set a comment on your profile.


      If you would like to join our clan please visit http://bit.ly/12zFDcf for more information.