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    Call of Duty Ghost: Guns

      Well I know a ton of people have probably done this but I would like to give my suggestions for what guns I would like in the next Cod. Friendly feed back is appreciated.



      Call of duty: Ghost - Guns Wishlist

      Guns should only have the select-fire specific to actual real life options!


      Assault Rifles

      Remington ACR (caliber - 6.8 SPC)

      F90/EF88 (caliber 5.56x45)

      FAMAS F1 Felin w/picatinny rail. No carry handle (cal. 5.56x45)

      HK G36K w/select fire double burst (5.56x45)

      SCAR-L (5.56x45)

      AN-94  (5.45x39)

      XM8/M8A1 (5.556x45)


      Battle Rifles

      Galil ACE (7.62x51/.308)

      Kel-tec RFB (7.62x51/.308)

      POF P308 (7.62x51/.308)

      HK G3 (7.62x51/.308)

      FN FAL (7.62x51/.308)

      Saritch 308 (7.62x51/.308)


      Sub Machine guns/PDWs

      HK UMP 40 (.40 cal)

      Kriss Vetor (.45 ACP)

      Scorpion EVO (9mm luger)

      HK MP7 (4.6x30)

      FN p90 (5.7x28)

      PM-9 (9mm luger)


      Machine Pistols

      UZI Pro (9mm luger)

      CZW 9M (9mm luger)

      Tuma MTE .224 VA (5.56x23.5)

      Steyr MP9 (9mm luger)

      Beretta PM12s (9mm luger)




      Taurs Raging Judge (.454 Cassull/.410 bore)

      Desert Eagle (50 cal. AE)

      Perefect 10 1911 (10mm)

      S&W M&P 40 pro (.40 cal)

      Glock 31c (.357 SIG)

      Springfield XDM9 5.25 bitone finish (9mm luger)



      Sniper Rifles

      AS50 (50 BMG)

      Cheytac M200 Intervention (.408)

      Barrett MRAD (.338 LM)

      Walther WA2000 (.300 WIN MAG)



      Light Machine guns

      L86 LSW (5.56x45)

      FN MK 48 (7.62x51/.308)

      HK MG4 (5.56x45)

      PKP Pecheneg (7.62x54r)

      FN HAMR (7.62x52/.308)




      Spas 12 (pump action)

      AA12 (full atuto)

      M1216 (Semi auto) Like it is in real life

      Hatsan Optima silver synthetic (Over/Under break action)

      1887 tactical (lever action) uses any shotgun attachments

      Sawed off double barrel tactical (side by side break action) dual wield

      Kel-tec KSG (pump) fires slugs