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    Only One Free Blundergat

      Ok I understand being pissed at the game for there only being two blundergats on the map but earlier I ran into someone that was whining over not getting the Easter Egg blundergat even though he had a chance to grab it first.


      When we was in the starting lobbie I told them I'm putting my mic to charge and they was ok with it. They had the intention to play up to 35 rounds. At the time I was like ok lets do it.


      Later on I was trying to grab the skulls to get the Easter Egg blundergat off the desk in the wardens office and one of them noticed and told his friends. One of them already had the blundergat from the box at the time.


      I was across the map at the dock trying to get the skulls over there but he got them first and took the gondola without me. He said nobody grab my blundergat in the wardens office off the desk. I ran over to the wardens office to grab it and I actually got it. Then he went over there and was pissed off because I grabbed it. He then started to say the other guy grabbed it and they all was like that's messed up. 


      He wouldn't let it go so I turned my mic on after listening to his whining for like five minutes about it and he was planning to leave the game. I then tried to reason with him. His ego kicked in and he said that's alright I can get the spork and make it to round 35.(Most likely that's what he tells his friends so they let him have the blungergat every time when playing with him). 


      We went back playing although he couldn't let it go and backed out.


      My question is do you think that I'm messed up for getting it and do you think I should have let his quitting, whining ass get it even though his friend noticed I was trying to get it and told him.? 


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          Spaceboss wrote:



          My question is do you think that I'm messed up for getting it and do you think I should have let his quitting, whinning ass get it even though his friend noticed I was trying to get it and told him.? 



          Personally when I'm playing with randoms and someone charges into the lobby "demanding" they get the free Blundergat I usually speak up and say "that should really be a team decision because if you just greedily grab it others might back out, ruining the game".


          I like the gun but I won't bicker or fight over it.  If someone really wants it, I'm happy to help them get it.... I just don't like people demanding they be the one to get it, especially if they have the attitude that no one else in the world but them knows how to use it properly (something I also hated about the sliquifier).


          Generally if I'm playing in a game with someone who has NEVER had the gun before, I'll try to make a case for them getting one of them.  You can't learn how to use it if you're never given the chance to play with it and it's also a way of making everyone gel together as a team by being nice to each other instead of greedy d*cks.


          So in your case I would have spoke up when he first started spouting off about the gun being "his".  If he still persisted then yes, I would have done just what you did and told him to f*ck off!  Who cares if he leaves the game at that point.... still early enough to start another .... and did you really want to spend the next 3 hours with that as*hat anyway?

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              Yeah I can understand if he was new an all but he had shotguns. Also oh man I would've turned my mic on but I wanted to run over there and grab it and I'm glad I did. Because like you said do I really want to spend the next 3 hours with him acting like he's all badass and better than us

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              I always let people take it.  Not worth the fight or the rage quitting.  It's always good to have that all laid out BEFORE you start the match so no ones butt gets hurt. If no one wants it, of course I will take it.


              Technically whoever does the work to get the skulls should take it.  If its taken before the box one is obtained that's just ignorant.


              Put pressure on them at the beginning of the game, they cannot die.  The two holders of the blundergats need to stay alive, because losing them is detrimental in later rounds.  Most buckle under the pressure of hearing that anyways. Going down to just one blundergat is drastic for your team.


              The worst is people that demand it in the lobby.  I'll just back out.  It's a team game and if you're going to be barking orders about that, I'm sure they will call the cafeteria to run trains and not even give a damn about the rest of the team.  Or two players that demand both and neither will upgrade to the acid gat to get the golden spork.

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                It was a game with randoms and you yourself is a random, so i would expect some random gameplay. If the team had a plan or strategy involving specific player having this weapon, and this has been said before game started then you did in fact faild to be a teamplayer, i dont think this was the case.

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                  when i play with randoms we always get the blnder gat from the box first then do the free one but i never complain about it i dont really care if i have the blundergat to be honest if im playing with randoms. when im with freinds i take it to do the golden spork as they dont like the blunder gat to much.


                  to be honest in your case yes you should have taken it as he wasnt even going to go for it in the first place.

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                    Is it possible to get 2 blundergats when playing with just two people of no?  One from the box and another from the skulls?

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                      I must say that I do not really care for the Blundergat as a weapon. I usually stick to wall weapons such as the Uzi and the Tommygun (I know that's not its name but that's the nickname I give her!).


                      Although I do have my imperfections. If someone comes into the lobby being a royal do-chebag like he was to you, I would in fact try my best get it before him/her. I wouldn't mind sacrificing the round we were on. People gotta learn to live without things like a gun. It isn't the end of the world.