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      Love it or hate it I couldn't care what you're thoughts are. I can guarantee there are a sh*t ton of legit players out there waiting for this option.

      I have ammased 350K kills and 1800 downs and a genuinely solid player. However it seems kind of stupid that zombies is now based on kills/downs and basically high rounds and other factors are disregarded. I have a full time job and rent to pay, so for all the elitist fckrs out there that grill me and others for wanting to reset and get a genuine shot at getting further can politely **** off.


      I mean kills to downs? Completely takes the fun out of zombies and had i known I would never have played bus depot and nuketown. My record is 18 for bus depot and 32 for farm so I'm not a complete spastic when it comes to zombies......


      Can we get an option to restart now...... without making a new profile? My frind who had the same stats and a regular zombie smashing machine made a new profile and had his shotguns in 8 matches total. I mean I played the same f'n matches with him and hit the same points ects/rounds. Because he had a new profile bam = shotguns.  How is that conducive to anything. A player with over 300K in kills is somehow lower in rank than a player with 30K?