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        20. Re: Zombie Alliance

        Clan recruitment is still going on! Don't forget to post your comments and opinons to keep the thread alive! Hurry and join before the next elite challenge arises or it wont count you in the challenge. We are currently doing both the walking dead and classic forum challenge! Hurry and join in on our fun before it's too late!

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          21. Re: Zombie Alliance

          hello i recently saw ur post. i as well have a zombies alliance. and am looking for a greif clan battle , a 4v4 perhaps ? i didnt catch the name of ur clan but our name is group935.we are on xbox. my gt is ZombieClutch935. i would love to face a nother zombies clan tonite hopefully u can get back to me soon or u can msg me on xbox thank u and happy gaming. :)

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            22. Re: Zombie Alliance

            For starters, he is talking about competing with other clans in the weekly challenges and stuff. As far as I know from the experience in the clan so far, we don't focus in grief. Second, I did not enjoy playing grief with you hosting. I thought it was just gonna be a friendly game of grief with randoms, but that was clearly not the case. You and your partner clearly are experienced playing with each other. Starting the game off at round 15 without giving anyone a heads up and ten you and your buddy instantly blocking off jug, was pretty annoying. It's one thing to do that at the very beginning of a game on round 1. At least we can get set up and discuss plans. But no. You ruined that all together and then decided to show off after we all died by commuting suicide over and over and reviving each other. So yes. I left, because I am not going to sit there all day while you show off and then afterwards talk about how good you are compared to us. That was very unsportsmanlike. Yes it is grief, but still no need to be like that. I hope you find some other grief clans to battle against, but this was not the way to show off your "skill". So in the future, please let people know that you are changing the custom rules before starting a match and give them time to plan. Especially with randoms in a "friendly game". But glad this is how you choose to treat fellow community members.

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              23. Re: Zombie Alliance

              Similiar to what zombie said... You claimed it was going to be a friendly game and then you go on to use cheap tactics and then show off your so called skill by downing yourself for us to watch. Then you claimed you were good and we were "trash." Next time act as a kind fellow forum member and do not be a rude jerk. Not only that, killbook's clan and my clan are zombie clans. Not this new grief/jerk hybrid clan. Next time play the game respectfully.

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                24. Re: Zombie Alliance

                Sorry man, it sounds like you guys gave assasin and Mc a bad time. I'd rather take their word over your's. I'm calling off the challenge. I want my members to have fun, not to be annoyed and it sounds like something you would do. I was going to try out a grief challenge since I've never done anything like it nor do I think many of my members has but it seems like it'll lead to too much conflict. Good luck finding another clan with the patience of saints to compete against you.

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                  25. Re: Zombie Alliance

                  Also, by compete, I meant in total amount of zombie kills and who can survive the longest and stuff like that. You know, fun challenges that we do when we play zombies anyways. Not grief. I'll edit that in now.

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                    26. Re: Zombie Alliance

                    Exactly, doing challenges and compete... in normal zombies. Grief is fine but when they say "friendly grief" and then act like ***** around us.

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                      27. Re: Zombie Alliance

                      Yeah, I don't want the members experiencing the same fustration you two have.

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                        28. Re: Zombie Alliance

                        Bump. Clan rcruitment will be open for one more day! You have until tomorrow to join!


                        We will be closed for a week after tomorrow.

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                          29. Re: Zombie Alliance

                          Hey killbook, thanks so much for inviting me but I have had my clan for quite such time and I could not do that to them. If you ever change your mine to join mine, tell me. Plus my clan's level is higher (Iknow that does not dertermine skill) and it took pretty long to get it to where it is. Anyway, we could be like allied clans I guess (if they do that) lol ( ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)?

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