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    Is ghost alive???

      We all know next Call of Duty is  ghosts. This idea probably came in your mind when you first saw this title. "Is ghost alive?"

      The trailer (not teaser trailer) showed no sign of him except just a guy putting a mask which didn't resemble ghost's mask.

      The chance of him coming back might be very small or who knows he might come in this cod?

      Some evidences which he might come is:

      -The title is ghost

      -It's about masked men so ghost also had a mask

      -There is picture of some kind of skull face.

      -This one might sound stupid and all but if you notice in loose ends, Gen. Shep was looking at Roach the whole time not keeping his eyes of him. He didn't even care to aim at ghost and shoot, and when Roach fell he was still looking at him. He told his men to pour the gasoline directly at Roach and then he threw his cigar at him, so we know 3 things: Roach was toasted, ghost on the other hand was shot either on the hip, either on the shoulder. 3rd thing is that probably Gen. Shep had a hatred towards Roach something that took place before cod4 or after cod4 so both of them have a history.


      Ghost was a character who every cod player liked and favored (not being gay alright?) If he doesn't return to this Call of Duty, then we know infinity ward  never meant to put this title.