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    Help, my Wii U can't find/connect to Wi-Fi

      Hey guys, been dropping this question in other forums as well and since quite many of you seem to handle this router/modem, whatever it is in english, port forwarding stuff so well, I figured that maybe you could give me some tips of what to try.


      Please mods, do not lock this thread until someone gets at least a chance to reply.


      Story quickly, last Friday there was a thunderstorm, a lighting hit this... thing that does **** to th electricity, adjust the power etc, translator said it's transformer which I kinda doubt,but whatever.


      Well my ZyXEL Modem/Router thingy got fried, it also wrecked my laptops USB connectors, I guess.


      Well, I found my old ZyXEL-P-660H-D1 model, just figured if anyone has the same device and booted it up with my other computer, now my internet works fine, but I can not connect my Wii U, it says unable to find a Wi-Fi network.



      Now, I surprised myself by finding out all these IP address crap, and manually configured the connection settings, however, it still can't connect, I have not tried to bring my Wii U next to the router like some guide suggested, but I guess I'll try that later.



      And before you ask, WTF did I just post over here, then I honestly have no clue, but I could use some advice, thanks.