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    Looking for HC KC players to join my clan UKFM

      UKFM                                 UKFIGHTINGMEN                     PS3


      we are now recruiting for prefably UK based players who like to play HARDCORE KILL CONFIRMED.


      we are a well established clan that have been playing together since call of duty mw2 even some of us go back to world at war.


      We all use headsets

      all enjoy the game

      Enter all competitions and challenges.

      We have a golden clan tag.

      We play every night atleast 5 members on at any one time





      we offer you a team based play

      golden clan tag

      help to understand KD AND SPM and how to increase them faster

      fewer games that you would lose as an individual


      if you wanna come along and have a few games with us and see what you think

      then message me on send me an application on elite,

      search for me on elite cobbler25 then look for the link to UKFM

      or search for UKFM and send an application into the clan once i recieve it.