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    can't find a lobby without crap laggers

      Hi there,


      I set the ping search to 65 since 3arc allowed this option, but actually, in every HC lobby i join, i'm always around 50 ping when opponents are most of the time around 150 to 200..

      So i got preshot the whole game and/or I hitmark several times on ennemies who "lag/teleport" all over the map. It happens also when using FAL/DSR.

      That's unplayable and make me mad because i have a decent ping pff.


      Today, I tried over 10 times to find a game with decent ping players but failed 90% of time.


      I'm tired of this.. anyone have a solution ?


      ty for answers.

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          Re: can't find a lobby without crap laggers

          I have tried setting mine at different levels from 30 to 180 and I always get in to the same lobbies with the same pings of anything from 50ms to 100ms, sometimes I have pings of over 300ms which just means I am playing as if I have god mode on.


          If I have a ping of less than 50ms I can barely kill anyone, and I have found that in this game anything from 50ms to 65ms means I can kill people and die but anything over 65ms and usually it's difficult for people to kill me.


          The issue is to many people have the ping preference set to default because either they are in a region where there are no servers, or because they know the higher your ping the better your experience is going to be.

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            Re: can't find a lobby without crap laggers

            Yeah the search preference setting does absolutely nothing.


            I kept mine set to 40 and yet I was always placed in games around 108-112 ping, because they only have ONE "server" for the entire US, located on the East Coast.


            This is just another fine example of how matchmaking completely destroys any hope of having a playable, enjoyable game.


            With proper servers everyone would be able to instantly join lag free games of their choice... There would NEVER be any waiting in lobbies, or being forced into laggy games repeatedly. 

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              Re: can't find a lobby without crap laggers

              Well everyone has had their horrible Laggy lobby experience, and sometimes it just feels like Lag Comp and/or their (3arch) servers are simply broken.


              My observation is if [highest lag] - [lowest lag] > 75 ms just leave, Lag Comp seems to be broken anytime the differences exceed 75 ms.


              The problem is low PC player count which often triggers all sorts of desperate attempts of Match Making to put players together including Foreign and Domestic and/or East & West coast. In my case I also play on the Xbox with XIM Edge and the non-party local Host isn't a problem; Xbox 100K~300K layer count vs 1/10 or less on PC. Otherwise on the PC only play at peak times - http://www.gamestat.co.uk/


              Now I live in mid FL, USA and my typical in-game ping to New York, USA is 60~80 ms with FiOS.

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                Re: can't find a lobby without crap laggers

                Well ty for answers, i'm from eastern europ (france) but most of the time i join lobbies with high pingers from western europ (russia, poland, hungary..etc..) .. well nvm . It seems it works better far now. Perhaps it depends of the amount of players online.. dunno..


                Next time i'll try to set the ping preference to 100 or sth, to see if there is any difference..

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                    Re: can't find a lobby without crap laggers

                    Set your search to 60ms.


                    I have had to set mine to 60ms just to find a game in Hardcore modes as the hardcore servers have higher pings than the softcore servers.


                    Every hardcore server I have joined has always given me a ping of around 50ms, and the only time I get a ping under that is when the servers are lagging for everyone at which point I can get pings of under 20ms or under 30ms.


                    When I play softcore I always have pings of around 40ms and sometimes it has hit as low as 25ms.

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