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    LMGs overpowered and everywhere

      Hi there,


      I noticed there is actually tons of LMGs in game. Pretty boring, as they are overpowered as hell and deadly accurate with almost no recoil. Also attachments like QuickDraw and Target Finder make these weapons looks like kinda cheated.


      So, as you (activision/3arc) did several updates to nerf some weapons like msmc, fal, pdw..etc.., you should seriously take in consideration that LMGs are overpowered.


      In my opinion, you might do something to balance the game, at least add some more recoil and/or more bullets to kill because it's really annoying..


      I'll be glad to hear the thinkings of the community about this point

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          Re: LMGs overpowered and everywhere

          Sure ok, remove the movement speed reduction and slow reload times to balance them again vs AR/SMG.


          Btw they aren't overpowered, just appears this way because they don't have a bullet damage drop like all the other weapons do, so you have 2-3 shot at range compred to 4-7.

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            Re: LMGs overpowered and everywhere

            You must be either retarded, or playing totally different game. LMG's are everywhere?? They are overpowered??? Give me some of that stuff you are sniffing.
            SMG's are everywhere, it is an all range weapon, if you did not know, or probably do NOT even care, cause probably you are an SMG runner.
            LMG's are totally fine, have its perks and cons. You can't hipfire with LMG(well you can but good luck hitting anything), youre slower, ADS is slow. SMG on the other hand has great hipfire, you move faster, fast ADS, has almost the range of AR(Assault rifle) with long barrel attachement, fast rof and big clips even without extended mags perk.


            God damn it, play the actual game, before posting such rubbish.70% of players are using SMG's, 30% goes for all other weapons. And if you think LMG are op, cause of target finder, then what can I say, guess you don't know that this attachement is for many weapons, and some AR's can be used to a far greater effect than any LMG. It is pretty beastly on Peacekeeper too.


            Usually, I would not even respond to such nonsense, but this time the 12 year old whining is going too far. Reduce the damage?? You serious dude?? You want another Modern warfare 3 where LMG's were useless?? Check the info on caliber used for LMG's, it supposed to have good gamage. Damage wise it should be bested only by sniper rifles, which is not entirely, but almost true in this game. And QBB LSW should have damage drop at range similar to HAMR, not the one it has now. And if you dont know the damage drops and stats of weapons, wisit here: http://symthic.com/cod-bo2-statshttp://

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                Re: LMGs overpowered and everywhere

                Well, i do not care at SMGs, i speak about LMGs.

                I noticed there is more LMGs since few weeks,  especially in HC TDM lobbys  but also in core TDM.

                I was used to see 0 to 3/4 LMGs in a match. Now it's often 4 to 6 or even more in a match. That's all.


                And u are wrong because:

                • you can hipfire easy with LMGs and if your not enough accurate, you can use the laser sight attachment.
                • The run speed is 90% and you can switch to secondary weapon and you run speed is 100%.
                • ADS time to raise is really improved when using QuickDraw attachment and make your weapon looks like an AR without quickdraw.



                The fact is 3arc nerfed some ARs/SMGs make LMGs  a better choice in some situations as I_Am_Overpowered wrote below.

                It's just an observation about weapons balance, not a whine as you suggest..

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                    Re: LMGs overpowered and everywhere

                    Maybe it's cause people got bored at  playing easy mode with SMG. :/
                    But I agree on AR's. At the moment AN-94 is the obvious best choice, cause it has no drawbacks, unlike other AR's. Full auto, small recoil, big damage, clear iron sights, and fast reload. So as it goes, it is no wonder why other AR's are rarely used. Personally I would like it toned down.
                    But don't forget this, AR's suppose to be average weapon, but now this place is taken by SMG's, what is pretty sad and lame. I am an AR/LMG user, and whenever I have to use SMG, I feel that my skill is getting worse, cause this is really an easy mode to play.

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                  Re: LMGs overpowered and everywhere

                  It's not that the LMG's are overpowered its the nerfing of other weapons. When will people realize nerfing does nothing but unbalance the game where it requires multiple nerfs until all guns are crap. Guns that's use to successfully be able to compete with LMG's at range & close quarters, Fal,Smr,M8 got nerfed leaving a huge gap where LMG can dominate beating 90% of weapons they come up against at range & Cbq.

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                    Re: LMGs overpowered and everywhere

                    Well having about half my kills with LMG's in particular the LSAT, yep it's OP. I use it as an anti-sniper and distance objective gun e.g. DEM/DOM. However, few people are very skilled using one. I have an overtime F'em CaC with an LSAT + Mk 48 and almost always we win, and I do some sneaky crap with some attachments and tactical's.


                    Sure there are major drawbacks with just about any gun in CoD, and guns like the LSAT & Mk 48 are a total b*tch to reload and guns like the OP SMG PDW with 65 amo count can get reloaded in 2-3 seconds.


                    Going back to skill, I can Quick Scope an LSAT and kill someone right in front of me, but LMAO if I try it on any Sniper Rifle I fail. My point is it depends more on the player. I have a healthy respect for Snipers as do they with my LMG, one of us eventually moves, and often we're balancing-out each other.


                    In most every game you'll see me in now I'm using an AN-94, PDW, EVO or lately the KAP-40...maybe even others. Being bored sometimes you try oddball stuff and who knows it might just work. I'm sick of having 'lead' in my shoes with an LMG (yes even with Stock & Lightweight), and with good players I'm often flanked and killed quite often reloading--funny it's faster to get killed & respawn than it is to reload and be out of the game for 8+ seconds.




                    Someone said you can 'hip fire' an LMG, yeah for sure and get killed 90% of the time trying. LMG's like the QBB or HAMR you sort of can with a Laser Sight, but in most cases it's a wasted attachment. Hip firing an LMG is about as bad as doing it on a Sniper Rifle; barrel stuffing range maybe. Your jaw drops if you actually kill the guy.


                    The ADS is slightly better after the last buff and like a good Sniper guy its a motor memory thing to do it right and live.

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                        Re: LMGs overpowered and everywhere

                        Well, i believe u can hipfire with an LMG as i did it many times like i play a bit agressive with any weapon

                        Sure if u close fight vs a decent skilled guy with an SMG, you will probably lose your gunfight but it's the same with most of ARs imo.


                        Otherwise i made little footage some months ago with QBB,  showing how easy is it to rush with LMGs in BO2:



                        I got at least 1.80 ratio with any of LMGs, when i hardly got over 1.60 ratio with an SMG/AR.

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                            Re: LMGs overpowered and everywhere

                            Every kill in that clip was an ADS not hip fire, and I rarely hip fire with anything but an SMG. Yep, sometimes you're simply SOL and have no choice but to hip fire. Both the QBB and HAMR are more like AR's than a 'typical' LMG, and with Lightweight and Stock sure you can rush, but no where near as good nor as aggressive as a SMG or AR. After using the QBB I felt right at home with AR's.


                            When I spawn trap my personal preference is either a PDW or AN-94 with Fast Mags, I can more easily duck, reload, pop-out and kill faster. If you have really good aim EVO with fast mags, Light Weight and once in a while maybe add long Barrel.


                            The QBB has an advantage of being a fast kill gun, it's still sluggish, and after you run out of amo you're very vulnerable if you 'rush.' You're slower to evade enemy fire with any LMG, in contrast with a Pistol (Light Weight & Extreme Conditioning) I often run circles around most players and evade their fire.


                            Also in a game I'm not going for Bloodthirsty's, I'm going for my scorestreaks and want a Merciless or better.


                            Again, it's what you're use to and how you play, and for me my style entirely depends on the gun.

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