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    Zombies: idea: perk o cola on tap

      My idea for call of duty zombies is once you reach a specific round or once you activate something in the map you could recive refillable perks on tap. It could be around 999 points for refills on perks you already have and specific amt. for different/ new perks. Also there could be a power- up that is called "free refills!" ,and it could allow you to be able to refill your perks for free until it's gone. also when you refill perks it could back them up and they'd stack. so when you get down or maybe when you die you shall recieve your perks again. I hope you enjoy reading this, thank you.

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          I'm slightly confused with idea. So you want to be able to get perks without buying them or stack them so you don't have to buy them after you go down?

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            So, we're going to waste points when we can just buy it and keep it until we go down? Your suggestion costs more than the perk itself. Good suggestion but it just seems like a bad idea to make us spend more points and it seems more of a hassle for us to go back and forth to the perk machine just to refill a perk with the points we may or may not need at the moment or in the future.

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                Well, what he means is that you for example refill jugg speed, dt2, and phd 30 times on say round 50. That way if u get downed in a round, you don't have to make a mad dash to recover all your perks. If u get downed 30 times, you would still have one more "set" of perks which if you lost those, you would have to buy perks like normal. It would end up being cheaper than buying perks individually in the long run. It honestly sounds extremely overpowered. Plus imagine buying/ refilling 60 quick revives in solo. You would literally be invulnerable unless you were really bad. I am sure if they were to implement something like this into the game however, they would not allow this for quick revive solo. Anyway doubt this would ever be added to the game only because it would make zombies a lot more easy.