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    League play search and destroy tips?

      I have a HUGE problem playing SnD in general, but I just suck at it in league play. Can someone give me some tips? I never know what I'm doing and I just play like it's team deathmatch.

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          Dashboard out. Seriously, the game mode is bad and campy. The easiest solution is to dashboard out when you see its chosen.

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              you just invalidated anything you say on this thread by suggesting dashboarding. People like you make me sad.


              Now to the advice.

              1. If you wanna play league play i stongly suggest having a team otherwise your at an immediate disadvantage when it comes to communication and map control which is paramount in search. If your team isnt talking and coordinating their efforts you will lose. period.

              2. Also having a headset and awareness can help alot.

              3 .Always remember to change up the routes you take each round or the other team will catch on and make you pay.

              4. Make use of the bomb to draw out campers if your on offense.

              5. I suggest playing more search in pubs and get used to bomb sites, nade spots, common camping or headglitch areas etc. In short know every nook and cranny of the map like the back of your hand.

              6. Finally you need to remember that search (especially in league) is played at a much slower pace than other gametypes. People will check their corners, and headglitch spots and yes they will camp and wait for you. You need to be able to counter this. Check your corners as well, avoid open areas with little cover if possible. Rushing does work and can be effective in many situations but you cant be running around willy nilly like its TDM.


              Also what asmodeous said about watching the competitive stuff is a good idea.

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              SND is my fav. for league play. It really comes down to the team. I've had games where if I'm playing solo and I run with 3 others communicating, we do well.


              If I get into a game where we split 2 and 2, then the bomb decides to turn around and go prone in the spawn, then yes, we get rolled. lol.


              Playing a lot of SnD is the only way to improve. You'll learn timing on where you can get and when or when you "should" encounter someone, or when  you should stop looking and move.

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                  SND is terrible. Its nothing but a game mode for kids who paid $60 + DLC costs or season pass cost, to sit in a corner or do spinning moves in the air with a sniper.

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                      Just because you dont enjoy something doesnt make it terrible, try saying in my opinion its terrible, or from my experience its terrible


                      I personally dont enjoy search most of the time for the reasons you give but i find i league play a competitive situation it can be the most engrosing and enjoyable game mode which challenges me to develop a new set of skills, as you can see the original post is about League play so generally a more competitive environment.


                      In reference to the dashboarding thing...... Just no, how can you get better if you dashboard, i find people who back out or dashboard cause more issues with this game, then they come on her and complain about lag and connections, not realising they are compounding the problem


                      My Suggestion for getting better at league play search is to watch some of the competitive stuff on yourtube as the map rotation is limited and it can be quite easy to learn what the rush lines are etc a big part of search is your breakout at the start of a round and after a while you will start to have more awareness to the possible enemy movements and patterns, also patience can paly a big part. for example if it gets 2 a 2v2 situation and you are defending alot of the time its better to wait for them to plant, what this does is give you the enemies location, you still have time to kill them and defuse but if you dont wait to plant you have the whole map to find them on


                      Im not a great search player so not really any tips but this is just what i have picked up on playing league

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                    if your going for solo rank try running a team of 3, know your calls out try and communicate well, ima  platinum 19 and i run with 2 others and we always win SnD i dont remember the last time we lost one

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                      Staying with a team member is the biggest thing, trading kills is very important. If you get killed at least your team mate can usually pick up the kill. Also remember to change up what you do each round, making the same rush twice is usually suicide.


                      I like to pick a bomb site and have 3 of us rush it on offense with the 4th either getting our flank or faking a rush to the other site. On defense set up and let the other team make a move, you don't really need to act until the bomb is down but you can be set up to move in.


                      Personally I don't like team mates that use silencers, if a gunfight goes down i want to know exactly where. Other than that just play like there's a bad guy round every corner.......there usually is.

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                        I'm with you, the couple time I've played SnD, I've felt completely lost.  Part of the "problem" (not suggesting it should change) is the lack of respawn and the fact that it can greatly limit how much experience (not xp) you get with each round.  In other words, since dead is dead, it requires many more rounds of SnD to get the gist of it than, say, Dom, since you spend so much time, you know...dead.

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                          Am game to play league play if you want just give is a add