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    Mob of the Dead Feedback

      Well fellow Z-killers..its been a while since I'vebeen on, but small story short.. they banned internet at the job, and Goodluck gettin on the computer at home..so Yea, anyways just wanted to say I love MOTD. awesome, got all the achievements except the EGG of course, still lookin for partners to help me out on MOTD & Die Rise. Easily one of the best Z maps ever made. I'll be gettin on from time to time. Checkin back with ya'll cant wait for the next map info leak.keep me posted fellas.and keep on making the dead, deader !!! Lol !!!  oh yea I'd also like to add.. that FIN is a bad ass muthafukah !!! my fav on MOTD !!!

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          Re: Mob of the Dead Feedback

          i will have to agree here although there are a few small bugs with the map , it is the best map ever made on black ops 2 i would have to say though in my oppinion moon and der reise are just as good as motd but i cant wait to see what comes next

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