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    Is Ranking Overrated?

      Well is it not bashing anyone on this just want to have a friendly discussion. To me it is in a way that if you join a lobby and there's a person with shotguns they assume you're the most terrible person ever.

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          1. Re: Is Ranking Overrated?

          Not true... But sometimes if I'm looking for a public match and I want to get a little further than 2 hours worth, I'll look for specific ranks... It's nothing against anyone, just that rank helps narrow the search...

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            2. Re: Is Ranking Overrated?

            Agree about the search aspect. I've come not to care most of the time now even if they rage quit. After that nobody really cares a out holding crawlers/ walkers, the rounds go faster and I get more Zs my way. If I'm looking at leaderboards, I'll post up with some from on here or friends and that solves it. But that's not always the case so to the pubic lobbies it is.

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              3. Re: Is Ranking Overrated?

              Well there's a reason why a good amount of people you come across on public lobbies are skulls and crossbones. It's safe to assume if someone has knife or shotguns they are going to be be bettter than the average player.

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                4. Re: Is Ranking Overrated?

                Thats not true! Ive got shotguns and I always play with people who have knife or skull. If someone has a knife you can generally assume that they are pretty good, and I check the recent games of people with skull to see if they can play (some are actually really good, others are awful)

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                  5. Re: Is Ranking Overrated?

                  The rank aspect has ruined many of matches for me because of people concerned with k/d.  If they go down and feel hopeless about regaining control, they simply backout and leave the match, which then makes that hour, 2 hours, heck maybe even 3 hours of my time worthless. 


                  I can remember WaW matches and BO1 matches where people would have 20 downs (or more!!) in a match and not give a rats a$$ because they knew they were getting to a high round game.  The most important aspect of z's, imo. 

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                    6. Re: Is Ranking Overrated?

                    Simple answer - yes. I think if they added more ranks in it might make people a little happier with what they have because the gap in skill level between skull and knife and then knife and shotguns can be pretty big at times, and very small at other times.


                    The only problem with implementing the ranking system is what wridtrvlr said above, and that is that it makes certain people more inclined to focus on their k/d and quit out when it is not favorable. Obviously not everybody does this but I think we've all been in enough games with a skull/knife/shotgun who goes down and quits out immediately to protect their rank. If somehow we could keep leaderboard scores after people quit out I think it would make the quitting issue and complaints less existent.

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                      7. Re: Is Ranking Overrated?

                      The way I see it:


                      Shotguns range from awful players (cheaters) to brilliant players.


                      Knives range from good players to brilliant players.


                      Skulls range from awful players to good players.


                      Conclusion: A lot of shotguns are the best players on the game. Other shotguns may as well be a skull. A small amount of knives are as good as some of the legit shotguns. A small amount of skulls are as good as knives.

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                        8. Re: Is Ranking Overrated?

                        How about every rank ranges from crap to amazing? Really you are splitting hairs here and making generalizations.

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                          9. Re: Is Ranking Overrated?

                          Every person I play with could care less about your rank and more of how you play.


                          I personally feel the same way. Every rank has sh1t to legit players BUT the shot guns and knives who earned theirs in the correct way generally are better all around players (especially in tough situations) than other ranks.


                          My 2 cents

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