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    will call of duty have profanity and gore filter just as call of duty II?

      To the Developers of call of duty Ghosts.


      Hello I am new at this website but I have seen my friends play call of duty. I just have an issue with profanity the use of our lord's name in vain, and extremely gory scenes and blood spilling out, I like call of duty black ops II cause of their filters, will you also make one for customers such as me.


      I am between 20-26 years and I am an adult, I am not here to cause an issue "this is a M rate game etc. go play some other games if  you'd like etc." all I am asking is for those like me that have a problem as far as profanity including the name of our lord for expression, extreme gore including torture scenes to have a mature content check a box in the options game settings menu and add a remove mature content filter? thanks.


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