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    The Forum Challenges


      These are the forum challenges. Here are the Challenges, forum standings, and generic rules at the bottom.


      Forum Standings


      Rank explained at bottom.


      Current Challenges

      The Walking Dead Season 2 Challenge

                Ends June 21st







           "Extra Prize" explained on challenge thread.


      Past Challenges

      The Evil Dead Challenge

                Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=N1fNN4rYBDw

                Ended May 31st





                Winners Trophy






      Rules and Submitting


                Rules for challenges are listed on the challenge threads pages per challenge.

                Challenges are currently going to be picked by a select few and the community allowed to have a say in what the rules are before it officially starts. We are still trying to come up with a system so more people can have a say in the challenges, but for now we have a group to pick them and keep it organized. We will also come up with a way for people to submit a challenge they have in mind, and if we pick it, they will get credit.

                Winning teams cannot have more than 1 person from another top 4 team. And 1 player cannot be on more than 2 of the top 4 spots.

                Winning teams are awarded the challenge trophy, emblems to increase their Forum Standings, and a say in what song should be used for the challenge video. They can submit a request with their score submission, or request something in the challenge thread. That way if they win, and the song isn't something absurd like MMM BOP, their song will be selected. (If MMM BOP was relevant to the theme of the challenge, it would be accepted.) So try to pick something you like that goes with the theme.

                In order to have submissions judged, a team needs to have the game saved in their theater and a message sent to one of the judges listed on each challenge so someone can verify the game. Judges will send a friend request which does not need to be accepted for the judge to check your theater mode, so you can delete the request when the challenge is over if you like. Doesn't need to be accepted, but needs to be sent to a person on the team who's friends list is not full, so the request goes through.

                Another way to submit is if you record your entire game somehow so judges can check it. This would be best for solo tries, since some rules might require every player on the team to be able to be checked. Theater mode would allow that, but recording of the game might not, so this method is best for a solo attempt, if the challenge allows for solo attempts.

                The top four teams receive tank emblems which is how the Forum Standings are determined. The top winning team, if the challenge allows teams, is awarded the Blue Eyed Tank emblem. The top solo player, if the challenge allows for solo attempts, is awarded the Gold Eyed Tank emblem. The remaining top 4 on the leaderboard receive a regular Tank emblem. Blue and Gold eyed emblems rank higher, and in case of ties in number of emblems, the edge will go to who has more Gold emblems.


         The judges for the challenges are volunteer members of the forums and selected by the community for each challenge. We are trying to keep it as honest as possible since some the the challenges might have extra prizes.


         Any questions regarding the specific challenges are best asked on the challenge's thread.

      Hope everyone has fun and enjoys the competition.