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    Fav Guitar

      Don't know whether this threat is of interest or whether many folk play guitar like old gallp. However here is my new Tele. Bit of an impulse buy, but have been a long time Gibson player who has eyed off strats and dreamt of the clean high end strat sound. The old gallp found his new baby a Custom FMT HH Tele and pretty machine, well setup and highly versitile.


      The beauty of this guitar is the ability to play the HH config and emulate a Gibson or run an SS config like a classic Strat in addition to the usual configs enabled by the 3 pos switch.


      The guitar is so versitile you can play country to heavy rock with a clean amp and the guitar alone. Add an FX chain the world is your oyster.


      Whats your fav guitar and why...post an image or two....or perhaps add a tip on related equipment or setups.









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          Re: Fav Guitar

          Oops here's a link to a pic .....For some reason my editor is  preventing me from inserting an image.


          http://www.guitarandampshop.co.uk/acatalog/fenderspecedcustomteleFMTHHAmberlarge .jpg

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            Re: Fav Guitar

            I couldn't call it my favorite guitar - I only have one. It's an Ashton D65SCEQ Acoustic. It has an inbuilt Eq and more importantly for me a tuner. I got it on sale for 500 bucks. My sis's boyfriend is a Muso and he reckons its awesome considering price - I got lucky.

            I'm more of a drummer, but I've moved interstate and haven't got the space as yet to set up my kit. So, instead I've been slowly teaching myself the guitar. I really just like to doodle on the guitar and make stuff up.

            BTW - that's a sweet looking Axe you got there Gal - long live Rock.

            Side note: when I went to preorder X1 and ghosts at Eb games - they had ROcksmith at half price. First time I'd seen it in store, I had been waiting for it last year - but there was some BS over music licensing in coming to Australia. Grabbed it - lots of fun (It works with my Acoustic :).

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                Re: Fav Guitar

                Your Ashton is a nice bit of kit. Snap, saw rocksmith as well when putting on my preorder. Bought it for my son. Thx for the comments on myTele. Set up a nice Caen fender amp with and FX loop today, been playing a little Hendrix.

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                Re: Fav Guitar

                Ok so gallp  noted that there are a least 243 folks in the Community who Re sufficiently interested in guitars n playing'  em to have viewed this thread.


                May-Hap methinks a few of these viewers are accomplished aspiring axe chaps or axe chapettes.


                So to test this hypothesis old gallp (who is currently under the influence of the devil red wine) shall inventory his axe collection from oldest to the aforementioned Tele and will add age acquired for a bit o spice (no one has ever guessed how old gallp)


                No name 6 sting accoustic steel 14yo

                Gibson SG (Hawk) Copy 15yo

                Yamaha Mk 4 accoustic 6 19yo

                Matton 12 custom 23yo

                Catalan Classic custom 28yo

                Gibson SG Classic 34 yo

                Yamaha YT bass 41 yo

                Matton 6 steel customer 47yo

                Fender custom FMT HH ????


                Gallp will send 1 bottle o fav red (which btw is sensational) to the chap or chapette who guesses gallp's correct age.


                must be off about to catch a plane

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