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    COD10: Ghosts -- Prestige System

      What I would like to see:


      1: No Prestige Master

      2: No Tokens. Things unlock like in old CODs

      3: Even number for final level (50, 60, 70, 80) (not 55 like in BO2 of 65 in WAW)

      4: More than 10. (Maybe 20 again?)

      5: Better emblems (Incorporate the number into it)

      6: Retain the 1 permanent unlock per prestige.

      7: Ban glitchers. We know Activision has some unbelievable amount of wealth. Hire 10-or-so people to monitor this.


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          100 levels no prestiges.  After 50 levels every 5 levels is a new emblem.  From 1-5 of the new emblems a hash mark or bar to represent how far you are on the levels.  So You are 78, you would be like 6  prestige and have 3 hash marks/bars on the emblem.  When you reach level 100 then you can chose a previous emblem, but it has a different background/colors.


          Once you reach level 50 everything is unlocked and that takes only 5-10% of XP out of the 100 levels.  The last 50 level get progressively longer and longer.  Level 100 could take 5 million XP to get.  Total XP earned could be around 100 million XP which could be upwords of 40 days.  I think that this will keep the playablity high.


          Another thing would be that when you reach a certain level like 75 you unlock things like special camos and character customization.  When you hit level 100 that is when you get something like Gold Camo or some other unique camo, and you will unlock a unique character "outfit."


          These are just some of my ideas on the progression leveling system.  I am not a big fan of prestiging because I hate losing weapons/perks and with my system it is more about the leveling than about reseting every prestige.  The higher the prestige the harder it is to level up.

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            The only thing I want is incentive to prestige.  What is the point of prestiging?  Simply to say that I am at max prestige? And then I get blown away by someone at prestige 4?  What is the point?


            Right now, I stay at level 55 at prestige 4 in BOP2.  There is literally no point in prestiging again.  I have access to all my guns whenever I want them and my bullets work just as well as folks with higher prestige.   I think players should have real incentive to keep playing to get to that next level.


            For example, give me access to a new gun only available to folks with my prestige level, give me extra perks, give me extra camos, or body armor abilities.   Give me something other than hoping someone notices the prestige 10 symbol on my gamer calling card!

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              I want to see a grind in leveling like CoD4, W@W and MW2. After MW2 they made it too simple with all the Dxp weekends. Just plain easy ranking up. You used too have to somewhat,  play different game modes to beat challenges and earn that xp points.

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                I would personally love to see a CREATE YOUR OWN CAMO.  Im tired of always being constricted to the same old same old camos that these developers think are cool.  Create your own camo would be amazing and keep players interest longer.  maybe the higher prestige or level you be come you unlock extra layers or slots, or colors and maybe when you get real high you get animation and special colors, such as gold, SILVER (i have no idea why silver has never been a camo)  jewels, platnum, fire, water, lightning, etc.   there are so many possibilities, and everyone always give this idea bad hype for no reason.  CREATE YOUR OWN CAMO= amazing.

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                  What is even the point or reward you get from prestiging? Nothing that gives me an incentive too. Theres really no point to anymore. I wish they gave more of an incentive to prestige. I havent prestiged since MW2, because there is absolutely no point. I would love to see COD scaled back down with points. 55 prestige, 10 prestiges, every kill is worth 5-10 points and search is 50 points. The points are starting to get out of hand dont all of you agree?

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                    1. keep leveling up after you reach the old max, not prestiges but the option available.


                    2. 15 prestiges with good emblems, not MW3 boring colors.


                    3.an incentive, like BO2 had, evne if it didnt go all the way through.


                    4. challanges that reset at prestiges. challenges that are very hard, camo setup similar to BO2, but if it carries through prestiges make it overall alot longer. have those insainly rare emblems/titles like that were availbe in MW2, the gold bar for 1000 carepackeges in a prestige, whatever the emblem/title is for the 1000 helicopters called in. ect.

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                        never cared for prestiging. Would be cool if, like others said, they just make a lot of levels and a large journey to leveling up. You get all the guns. perks, attachments, and killstreaks quickly enough but some camos and etc can take longer.


                        I think of the journey to level 100 in gears of war 2 for this. How reaching final level there meant getting a golden shotgun for gears 3. (which everyone wanted)

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                            I think that the first 50 levels you earn weapons, perks, and other things, then after 50 the levels get extremely hard to level.  51-100(first prestige) would take 2 million XP while 1-50 would take 1 million.  Levels 101-150(second prestige) would take 3 million XP.  Every "prestige becomes harder and harder to achieve and the last 50 levels(10th prestige) would take 10 million XP.  Every 50 levels the emblem changes and the player can choose to keep the emblem for the next 50 levels or switch.  You can keep 1st prestige through levels 101-150 but then you have to switch to the 3rd prestige emblem when you reach 151.  When you get to 10th prestige or level 550 then you can choose what emblem you want but it has a different setting for background to let others know that you are 550.  You will also see there progression rank besides their names in lobbies.


                            Every prestige you unlock something cosmetic, a camo, redicule, background/calling card, emblem, etc.  When you get to 8th prestige you unlock Gold camos then for 9th and 10th you earn a even rarer camo.  I think this would compliment those that play the game a lot to achieve something that many other will not.  Getting to 550(max level) should take around 40 days (average player and without 2XP).  Provide 2XP for players that play in things like community weekends or other community activities.  You can unlock 4 hours of 2XP for your clan getting 1500 kills in TDM or winning a match in every (team based) gamemode.


                            I personally would love to see something like this and I hope the developers would just change the same old boring progression leveling system that has been around since COD4, that I know of.

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                          A reply to the thread...


                          I love the general idea of no prestiges, and you just keep leveling (in some shape or form).. and that things get unlocked as you move up (guns, camos, perks, etc...)


                          There is one problem to this:  Game vs Player Balance


                          Can you imagine someone joining a lobby as a noob (level 1) and getting matched with someone at level 60 (in this type of scenario).  The person at level 60 would have more guns and perks available, and would crush the low level player.


                          If they could solve that (by actual level based matchmaking and ranked vs non-ranked game modes*) that could work in principal..



                          - Ranked games: You are matched with people at your approximate level, with all of your unlocks

                          - Non-Ranked: You are matched with anyone, but can only use default classes (or a common list of guns and perks that is available to everyone, no matter what your level)


                          ... just throwing out ideas, not saying they are correct

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                            Why not let people reset there stats? Does felling superior to other people in a video game make you feel all warm & fuzzy?

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                              How about this for glitchers, they dont get banned or reset! How about they get an emblem that shows that they are a cheater, and are perminantly removed from the leaderboards. Then, the cheaters are shammed in every lobby!


                              If they get banned, they will just make a new account, if they get reset, well... if they glitched, then they dont take the game seriously enough for a reset to really effect them. I say give em a title, emblem, and clan tag that they cant change labeling them as a cheater!


                              And, why not? Lock the free for all playlist from them.

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                                i hate when there is a reset stats button....