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    most recent hotfix


      I wanted to give this some time to see if it was just bad luck or not, but since the last hot fix a few days ago I have gone 87 matches with only two positive and my kdr over that time is 0.27 yes, 0.27.  I seem to have the same lag comp issues as when I used to be host every game now.  I get shot, and as I die I see someone come around a corner, then raise their gun, then fire on me.  I don't remember the last gunfight I won, even when I unload a 1/2 clip before they begin to fire (on my screen) and It is almost to the point where I cannot kill anyone that is not motionless for over 1/2 second.


      Seems like I am being slowed down by about 1/3 - 1/2 of a second every match and I have tried all the normal 'fixes" like router resets, trying best/normal and even any to connect, trying with heavy network traffic and bypassing the network altogether.  Nothing seems to get me even an occasional game of "normal" lag.


      And no, I do not see this in any other game, not even mw3 at this time.


      Anyone else seeing this issue?

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          yes, so I quit playing, and am sticking to MW3 until ghosts comes out

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            Yes. I even get host and Sign Out. Just because I'm not their slave.

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              It's really just a matter of bad luck. For whatever reason Treyarch has chosen to sacrifice an unknown portion of players for the betterment of the larger masses. Your connection formula(whatever that may be) unfortunately fits within the perimeters of those being sacrificed. You can pretty much guarantee

              that at this point it will only get worse for you with each successive patch/hotfix or whatever.

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                Im guessing i am on the lucky side of this fix, I have been experiencing what you mentioned since the game came out but now, i feel like i am only just behind other team( which i can handle)


                I still get really rubbish games where i feel like i am a second behind but at least they aren't all the time now

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                  Not to start any conspiracy theories, but I as well have noted the game has become unplayable (for me) in the past few weeks/month.  Even when nothing else (Internet traffic) is going on in the house, I am always behind the action and can not seem to do anything about it. 


                  Example 1: I see someone and start shooting at their head/cheat and get no hitmarkers, then I fall over dead and THEN I see them drop shot me.


                  Example 2: I see someone several feet away looking in the other direction and all of the sudden they knife me. I watch the kill cam to see that I was shooting totally in the wrong direction and they run up to me and knife me.


                  It has gotten so bad I have stopped playing MP (for the most part) and only have been playing zombies* and some custom matches against bots.  If it were not for these other aspects of the game, I would have sold it by now (as I did MW3).


                  I am not saying that it is 100% the game, and nowhere in my network/ISP is to blame (although I have done my own line tests, and have had the ISP do so in the past and everything checks out)... but that is besides the point. The bottom line is: If one cannot play (a specific game) for whatever reason, it might be time to move on.


                  * I find it queer that for the most part, I have not being seeing too much perceivable lag while playing zombies... always 4 bar (host or not) and not seeing anything skipping.

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                    Something has changed about the game for certain.  I don't know if it's so much the lag portion or just the tactics of the players.  I have been seeing a marked shift in gamer tactics lately that seem to be catching a lot of people off gaurd (myself included) but I also do find myself in some matches where there just is no way to get a kill.  Regardless of the cause, it's quite frustrating.

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                      Well, another hotfix came out today and afterwards I was positive in 14 of 15 games with a kdr of 1.69.  I guess the formula gods decided to give me a break this time.  my heart goes out to the poor sap that is going to take it you know where under this hotfix until it's changed again in a couple of weeks.  the final numbers under the previous hotfix that led to this thread:  163 matches.  3 positive 0.28 kdr.