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    CoD: GHOSTS on 360 vs One -- Will there be a difference?

      I'm not sure if this has been discussed before, I searched the forum trying to find this discussed, but didn't find an answer, so I'm making a discussion for it. (If it has been discussed, please point me in the right direction!)


      So, my question is what exactly is the difference between the CoD: GHOSTS 360 version of the game and the CoD: GHOSTS Xbox One version of the game?


      My husband and I are avid CoD players and we want to pre-order the game, but not if we only have to turnaround and order it on the Xbox One just a month later.


      They have yet to announce a pre-order for the Xbox One version of CoD: GHOSTS.. so it leaves us wondering if we should just pre-order the 360 version and hold off on pre-ordering Xbox One's, or get the Xbox One's and hold out for the reveal of the XboxOne version of the game?


      I hope this makes sense. We were disappointed they said it's a "Next Gen" game and then released a 360 version. It made no sense -- if it truy needed a newer system to run, why would there be a 360 version of it? And then, what's the point of getting the Xbox One version of the game?


      Also, as far as multiplayer gaming goes, will it affect that?


      Basically, we're not sure if the Xbox One investment is worth it..




      Thanks for any information on this!

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