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    [PS3] Korrupt Gaming | 16+ | Recruiting 24/7

      Korrupt Gaming (KorG)



      Korrupt Gaming is an up and coming PS3 clan who strives itself in individuality and performance. We are objective based gaming clan who like to utilize each member to the fullest, but also have fun at the same time. We believe that each member is a valuable asset to the team and try to fulfill our duties of bringing a quality community gaming experience as well as a friendly place to meet new people. We are active in almost all main media areas (Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Enjin). All members have a say in what happens within the clan.



      We do have a few requirements that come with the clan. These requirements include:

      Ages 16 and above

      Must have a mic

      Must be active on the website and PS3

      Must be respectful of others (no racism tolerated)


      What we are bringing to Korrupt Gaming:

      A professionally made website

      Loyal clan members

      Someone to play with at all times

      Clan game nights

      Departments to join such as Graphics, Media, Journalism, and more

      Ranking system

      and so much more




      We hope that you check out our clan's website (www.korgclan.com) along with the other media outlets. We stay active on YouTube (KorruptGamingClan) posting gameplay, reviews, and etc... We hope to have you join us for a guaranteed fun and exciting journey as we grow into a much larger, tight-knit community in online gaming.

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