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    2nd Chance Comeback?

      no last stand.


      no dead mans hand....what a joke.


      no final stand.


      im talking pure W@W/Black Ops 2nd chance where you and your teammates need to equip 2nd chance to fully execute its effectiveness.


      there was a major change to the 2nd Chance perk in Black Ops, where if you put them down, no matter who else kills them, the person who put them down keeps the kill, that should stay the same.


      another thing that changed, in Black Ops, was you can hold your primary on your way down to the ground and then switch to your pistol when you did finally hit the ground...not sure how it was on the ps3 or xbox, as i played on the Wii but it would be awesome to change the way that happens so that you switch to a pistol immediately as you start dropping.


      a team that fully understands the 2nd chance perk can, by luck and skill, live forever.


      on the other hand, once you put a person down, all it takes is 1 more bullet right?

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