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    So what did you think? E3, wii u, cookies n cream

      So basically what we saw at E3 from nintendo was a bit....underwhelming. I prepared my body to be blown away by the new mario and...3D mario world....seriously? I guess after the masterpieces that were the galaxy titles...hard to follow up. Hopefully that third galaxy title that I hoped for will be made a reality later on....



      Mario kart 8..awesome. Its mario kart.



      Super smash...well...character roster's a bit meh....By now, I EXPECTED megaman. Still pretty awesome though.



      X...Awesome. I drooled. Mechs...monsters..giant beautiful worlds...



      Bayonetta 2...I don't like her new haircut. Still, looks sweet.



      Donkey kong....now, I love me some good old donkey kong...but I was pumped up for something a bit bigger than that. This is retro's project? The one that we have all been dying to see? By comparison...a youtuber said this..its like having naughty dog's first game on the ps4 be a platformer. Its retro studios...its gonna be a good game...but I wanted metroid...or star fox...



      Now....those best buy events. Nearest best buy for me is 20 miles away. Saturday. I may end up going....but to play mario kart 8 for one race? Is it worth the commute and then waiting hours in line? Meh, I may just go to get a hat. Oh and guess what microsoft's doing. They hired people to advertise the xbox one to people waiting in line to play the wii u demos. How low can you go? Seems like this generation we're going back to full on aggressive advertising. Awesome.




      Anyways...I think we got confirmation on ghosts for wii u....all I have to say is...if it doesn't have wiimote support, i just wont get it.



      Watching all these trailers for ps4 games made me want to play some games with next gen graphics...so I went to a friend's house to play a bit of farcry 3 on his pc.

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          Re: So what did you think? E3, wii u, cookies n cream

          Pretty much sums up my feelings for the Xbox One:



          I really do not see Microsoft being as successful as they were the the 360. The Asian companies are making a comeback


          This year's E3 wasn't that interesting for me. There weren't a lot of games I was really excited for; only BF4 got me pumped, and I'll have to buy a PC version if I want to play that...

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            Re: So what did you think? E3, wii u, cookies n cream

            The Nintendo strategy is make games that sell to increase the install base.  Putting that Wii Fit character in Smash Bros is genius.  Wii Fit was one of the best selling games on the Wii.  Now they took a character that millions of people know and put it in one of their other biggest selling games.  Very smart move if you stop and think about it.


            3D World Mario.  Same thing.  Make it a game everyone knows and loves and make it multiplayer.  So it's still the Mario Nintendo fans love, but also something new and different.  And it's MP so 4 people can paly.  Again, smart move.


            Donkey Kong.  Casual gamers like 2D sidescrollers from Nintendo.  Again they're tying to get the console out there.  Smart move.  Also multiplayer. 


            May not be the games the more hardcore Nintendo fans want, but it's a great way to sell the console.  They did the same thing with the 3DS.  Sales were bad.  First party titles drove the system, and then the 3rd party support started coming in.  That's their plan for the Wii U. 


            As for Best Buy I could easily go, but the lines are crazy long.  I'd be waiting hours to MAYBE get a chance to play one game for 5 minutes (you're not guaranteed a chance to play as Kidlat found out).  A game that I will probably just buy anyway.  I don't think I'm gonna go now.


            Sucks that the best games don't come out to next year, but those games right there are definitely going to be fun and they will sell and that's the point.  Gotta sell more consoles to get more 3rd party support.

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