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    Wait & See This Time

      Repost:  Due to administrative reasons but not for their substance, my previous posts were deleted.  However I was lucky enough to find all of my posts in Google's Cache.  Originally I had intended to repost all 50+ of them at their original places, but that's a bit overkill.  So instead I'll only resurrect a few that I thought were relevant and sufficiently thought provoking to warrant reposting.


      For the sake of continuity in the discussion, the link below takes you to the original thread captured by Google, including the OP and member responses.  You may have to cut and paste the link to see it.


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      Your feedback is welcomed, whether on "wait and see", or the original posts being deleted.




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      Wait & See This Time

      I will not be buying CODG on release like I have previous titles. 


      If  an original film was terrible, I'd be waiting for the post-release reviews of its sequel before I'm suckered again.  I'll be taking the  wait and see approach.  I want Activision to think twice before it  releases COD:  Ghost, BETA Ver.0.001.001.  How soon we forget BOII  crashed PS3s.  With this history, how well do you think CODG will work  on the new XBox & PS4 on release.


      I'll  be waiting for a while to see whether they're investing their time on  innovation, reliability and fairness in actual gameplay; or wasting time  on $2 camos and enticing new weapons available immediately only if you  pay.