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    Is there any reason for the Collars on the zombies necks?

      Was playing Town last night and noticed the couple of times I threw EMPs that I couldn't get a sleep walker. I was playing solo, so really didn't need EMPs, but threw a couple just messing around. I know that the survival maps don't have the collars around the zombies necks like Tranzit does, but not having walkers is something new to me. Could be I just didn't get one in the few times I threw the EMPs. I'll check it later. Would be interesting to find that the sleep walkers are specifically coded into Tranzit only.


      But my question is what's the point of the collars? Why not have them in the survival maps. This was something discussed before the DLCs came out, back when EE hunting was still cool. Now all the kids are wearing skinny jeans and hunting is for squares, but I couldn't help but wonder about it last night. Before when it was discussed, a lot of people just wrote them off as being part of the story line somehow, but 2 DLCs later, they have completely disappeared. So if they aren't part of the storyline, then why are they coded to be on Tranzit and not the survival maps that have the same zombies.


      And if it turns out that there are no walkers in the survival maps, then how is that connected. I remember experimenting with walkers forever ago, and the collars didn't matter between what zombies stood still and which ones walked around. I'll recheck the EMPs later, but can anyone think of a good reason for the collars? Or should we just expect that maybe the storyline explains them later on?