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    Why so many Boosters on HC Death Match today?


      It is crazy today.  It seems every match there are a bunch of Boosters hiding out having a little gang bang together.  I've added video's of them to my profile and reported them, but I am guessing Treyarch doen't care.  So, please boosters, just stop boosting and suck it up and play the friggin game.  Unlock your guns the old fashion way.



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          Mabye I've just been lucky, but in the amount of time that I have had bo2, I haven't noticed any boosters. It may be because hc deathmatch isnt a very popular game mode (at least not as popular as normal team deathmatch). I completely agree though, that they should just suck it up and play the game the way it is supposed to be played.

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            You answered it yourself - TreyArch doesn't care. They did one round (maybe two) of emblem/boosting bans and now that everyone knows they aren't admining the U any more - expect more nonsense.

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              They were there on Sunday too.  Played two games, left and never went back. 

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                *Making a test post to see if things work correctly*


                I've noticed a massive increase, too.  When the cat's away, the mice will play.  Only...these are more like rats.

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                  I play in the UK and most of my allies are in US/ Canada.

                  Which pretty much means my connection sucks.

                  And this has been the case with W@W, Reflex, BlOps, MW3. Do you see the pattern?


                  I am lucky to get 2 bar and the result is horrendous lag (see multiple discussions on forum).

                  It's the same with many UK players.


                  So to turn on the game to get my CoD fix with some friends.

                  Can you imagine how annoying it is to win the game (against odds with shocking lag), by using tactics developed over years of gameplay.

                  To then be called out for boosting!!!

                  It was the 'numbers' clan who did it this time. They didn't have the grace to lose fairly.

                  Told me to upgrade my equipment or stop playing.




                  I have no time for people who manipulate the game to their advantage, and I have less time for sore losers.


                  If you get your butt kicked, it is because A- you suck or B- the lag gods wanted you to get your butt kicked.

                  If there are boosters, just back out like we did with the soft modders and hackers.

                  They will soon get lonely playing with themselves (like in real life!)


                  Rant over

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                      Ok. I hold my hand up and apologise for my previous post.

                      Due to lack of sleep thanks to young kids and addictive computer games, I misread the OP.


                      I was in fact accused of 'force hosting' and not boosting as the title suggests.


                      But the fact remains that I wouldn't  have a clue on how to force host, and was pretty pee'd off at being told I was going to be reported for something I'm not even sure what it is!


                      Back to the OP. Boosters are idiots and deserved to be shot for insubordination.

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                      Noob question, so please be gentle...


                      Exactly what is boosting and why is it bad?

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                        They are EVERYWHERE! Every match of HC Dom I get into there's an orgy. I'm usually on the ass end of it. It's really hard to enjoy when you get rapped by unearned Kill Streaks. I report everyone I see, giving and receiving. Look at their stats. When a player has a 600spm and 20k more kills than deaths, something is up.

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                            Ok, can someone PLEASE 'splain to me exactly WTF boosting is? And leave out the sexual exploits of M4gnum and nintendon\'t. What those two do to each other behind closed doors is their own business. Don't know, don't want to know, wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I DID know...

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                                Boosting is where two or more players, on separate teams, collude together to either manipulate the outcome of a match or, more commonly, to “boost” their stats and gain unlocks, camos, medals, etc.


                                The first type is rare and debatable.  I still consider it a form of boosting, though.


                                The second type is the most common and is what is getting extremely out of hand right now.  It typically involves players from separate teams hiding in a dark corner, with one of them shooting the other as he/she/it uses a tactical insertion to ensure that they spawn in front of the other player.

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                                    Very well explained bug, I thank you for your reply.


                                    It's pretty clear why that upsets people. I guess it's difficult to imagine what can be done proactively to prevent it, though it wouldn't be difficult to have a monitoring schema that would easily detect and boot a player that has 30 kills, no deaths inside a 90 second window.

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                                        Not a problem.


                                        One of the biggest enablers for this kind of boosting has always been the tactical insertion.  It makes it so easy for this to be done.  I can remember reading the complaints about it in previous CODs and read the suggestions for it to be removed from the series.  That would solve this kind of problem right away.


                                        However, it's not that hard to keep people in check and disuade them from doing it.  A stat reset here, a warning there.


                                        It just so happens that all the shady players now know that that particular kind of support for this version of the game no longer exists...so here we are.

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                                  What is the game mode that people boost on the most? I normally play ground war, domination, tdm, and sometimes SnD, and have never really noticed anything.


                                  I really hate the aspect of boosting. I know it is basically cheating, but it affects everyone in the lobby, not just the boosters themeselves. I have almost every primary (with the exception of the lsat and assault shield) diamond or gold, and I have the b23r pistol, crossbow, and ballistic knife gold without boosting or cheating. If these boosters would put as much time and energy into actually playing the game for what it is, they might actually enjoy it more, and find it more rewarding when they reach their goal.

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                                    Since bug was kind enough to explain to me what boosting is, lots of puzzle pieces are falling into place. Last night I was playing TDM. It was pretty late, so there were only four on my team and I think four or five on the opposition.


                                    The match starts and most of my group sticks pretty tight as we're searching the map for enemies, but at least a minute goes by and we can't find anyone. No shooting, no explosions, nothing, but their kill count keeps going up. All of the sudden a batch of killstreaks start storming in. Care packages, AGR's Stealth choppers... all at once. It was a quick end to the match after that. Their kill count was around 50 by then so it didn't take the choppers long to end it.


                                    I replayed the match and discovered there was a mole on our team. As soon as the match started he snuck off into a corner with his mates and they took turns buggering the crap out of him with backstabs jacking up their kill count score and storing up killstreaks.


                                    The symptoms were clear then. I've been in many matches where I can't find an enemy to save my life, but they seem to unleash killstreaks in waves. Apparently the boosting problem is bigger than I first realized.