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    Banned for OFFENSIVE clan emblem ??????????????

      I have had the same emblem on my playercard since bo2 was released and approx 3 days ago i recieved a notice saying i was temporarilly banned for breaching security enforcments rules  etc etc etc


      my emblem was as alot of people have been saying a NAZI SWASTICA which infact it was not if you can get to c my emblem i used to have on it is if put up against an original picture of a swastica then u will c it is nothing of the same which is why i write this ???



      the version that i put up on there was the image and emblem of peace which i thought if anything would have been recognised ( before you think it no.. it was not the ying yang.)


      i would like this issue to be resolved over at tech support or whoever it is who deals with it as i have done nothing wrong and have always stayed within te rules and T & C of every cod game.


      my ps3 id is cobbler25


      i would appreciate a response to this as i have said i have not done anything wrong and not violated any rules


      thank you for your time...




      Clan leader of UKFM