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    Why I think now is a good time to get PS+

      This is intended for those who are migrating to the PS4, and still keeping their PS3s


      Why one would consider getting the PS+ membership now is:  You get free games on the PS+ that are downloaded to the PS3 and you keep them for as long as you have a PS+ membership. The problem is you only have a window of opportunity to download the games before they expire.  Example: Uncharted 3 is available, free now.  The membership will carry over to the PS4, but you can get PS3 games today and keep/play them for as long as you like.


      Considering anyone who wishes to play online with the PS4 will require a PS+ membership, getting it now (if you can afford it) is not a bad idea. I recommend a 12 month membership ($49.99 USD/CAN) as it is cheaper than the 3 month.


      If anyone has thoughts (or even better, proof) that corrects/contradicts anything I posted, please post your comments!


      (btw: I just renewed my 12 month membership last week)