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    Future of Online Game Play - Nintendo Wii Network Service Partial Discontinuation?

      I am curious if the COD online servers will be impacted with Nintendo Wii Network Service Partial Discontinuation? I noticed I have been getting the same "Can not connect to COD server" messages like others have been reporting lately.  I just keep retrying connecting until I get in.  However I am wondering if Nintendo is planning to fully discontinue their Wii Network Service, and we will no logner be able to play our COD games online anymore?  I am getting the feeling they will in order to get existing Wii customers to purchase the new WiiU.  Anybody have any idea?  and if so how long do we have until the Wii is completly cutoff and becomes a nice piece of dust collector?


      Nintendo Wii Network Service Partial Discontinuation will  offered through the Wii console will be discontinued starting June 27, 2013. http://www.nintendo.com/whatsnew/detail/tiQImp7Oi97LiEyVqwDqL-eDnX6u9qjk