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    Proving and Improving the lag problem

      This thread is for scientific examination and experimentation. If you wish to discuss what might be causing the lag or general experiences there is another thread which I will link in a moment for that. This thread goal is to focus the amount of true evidence into one location so that it can easily be found and examined by anyone. This topic is not about why MM does what it does, its about you saying that your having a problem and then we the community examine the video as much as we can and give a conclusion. again COMMUNITY<---- not just me. http://community.callofduty.com/message/414485052#414485052 <---- other thread


      if you are wondering why the above message is displayed the way it is, its so that its the first thing people read and it really hits home what we are doing here.


      Hey all. I am making this thread with the goal of sorting through claims of major lag problems and finding out what is actually lag and what isnt and whether or not they have a genuine Lag problem. And if they are having a genuine problem that is not on their end, then through this thread I hope to prove it and get them the assistance they need. Despite all the hate I get that has been my goal for a long time



      In this thread I hope that the community can work together to some capacity to get this accomplished. Its something that needs to be done. Honestly I feel that Activision and treyarch and IW have all done this to some extent themselves, but its not something they did that they showed to us. This will be a place where We can all see whats being done atleast on our end. this way we can most definitely claim that we have done everything we can to show this problem. There has been alot of bitterness between both sides over this issue and I hope that we can atleast attempt to put that aside here for a while. (I myself need to stop it with the type of remarks I have been making.)



      One of the main reasons I hope the community backs this is because of the ability to double check/use other perspectives. In other words lets put it this way if seven people look at it and 6 come up with the conclusion of lag and they point out how they reached that conclusion, then it is highly likely that there was lag. Meaning anything we find here will have slightly more weight behind it (not a ton).



      Now there is another thread about lag and you might be wondering why I am not posting this there. The reason is simple, the other thread is more about sharing experiences and theories about what it is and what could potentially be done about it. This thread is meant to be about following a specific way of doing things to prove that its there and happening as claimed so that we can take action to get them help if they are actually having a problem.



      I keep saying stuff along the lines of "actually having a problem". Here's the thing about the lag argument. Not all instances where a player believes lag problems were involved have lag problems** involved. In many cases there is a logical explanation as to why that happened the way it did. As I said over in my other topic "Black ops 2 and the Illusion of lag" lag does exist, but the lag problems in CoD can seem worse because of the things I talk about there. And the thing is as much as some want to say that the topic doesnt have merrit I see it continually happening all over youtube.



      Let me ask you something, when your online and something funky happens that you cant explain, what are the 2 most common and default responses? 2 immediatly spring to my mind. Lag or Glitch. And there are a number of things that may initially look like a glitch or a lag issue. There have been countless videos posted claiming problems when there are few or none to be found. This is not to say that all are lagless. But thats why we are here after all, to find those that are having a problem.



      So There is a process by which we will aim to get this accomplished.

      1. recieve complaint (full length live gameplay***)
      2. Analyze the video for instances of lag *****
      3. Determine how bad the lag is overall in this video
      4. If it is determined the lag is severe and no explenations for them can be found then The player who is claiming problems will post more videos with the purpose of establishing overall Frequency and severity of the issue.
      5. Analyze The new videos and compare them to the others for patterns.
      6. If lag problem is found to be as severe as claimed and is indeed worthy of being called an Issue then we add their name and issue to this post and try to get the developers attention and get these people help
      7. The more people we can prove that are having an issue the more weight we will have. thats why this thread has the goal of collecting those cases and presenting them in one location. We wont be going to the Devs after one video. Like I said it will take time.
      8. This is meant to be a community effort, Which means that I do not want to be the only one going over these things. If you disagree thats GREAT and all but Here in this thread you will need to back up your argument with more then just words. This is one of the reasons for the merry go round, One side claims things happening but never shows it truly happening as they describe it. thats why it devolves into a ya-huh  nuh-uh fight.



      So if you disagree with what gets said about a persons complaint that is awesome. but again you will need to back that up with more then just your say so. For example some players claim that when they are host their bullets go strait through the enemy and do nothing. that is something that can be shown. And if you dont like me then I beg of you find someone you DO like and ask them to do it if your not willing. this needs to be done one way or the other.



      One thing that I want to stress here is giving Full answers to the best of your capabilities. When someone posts something that you disagree with thats great but make sure you cover everything they said. Some people simply say "I agree with this, this, and this but this I dont and heres why" and thats how We should be aiming here at the very least. If a bit of a post is directed at you please respond to it. Ignoring posts leads to bitterness and the merry-go-round of doom.



      List of those helping with this:

      Me (depending on how well I feel)

      Sandseven (when able)


      When I go over someones video I will actually be recording it via screen capture. So you will see exactly what Im talking about.



      ***Lag problems means problems outside the normal influences of the internet. (or atleast thats how im phrasing it right now... kinda late as usual)



      **** Full length live gameplay: Theater mode and kill cam's are proof of nothing. They are not and never were made to be able to accuratley determine how you died. Theater system is meant to entertain and nothing more. Theater and kill cams also differ from live in several ways that are important. for example in the Live game there is always a delay between shot on target to registered hit marker. In kill cams and theater you do not see this. You also live longer sometimes in kill cams.


      Another example: While comparing live to theater recordings a while back I came across this one incident where I had shot about 8-10 bullets directly into the enemy player, he was running strait at me and my gun was on target. at about 8-9 bullets in I finally started getting hit markers and he died. I went and found the theater recording of it and it shows something a bit different.



      When Checking theater I found that Instead of it showing me firing a ton of bullets into an invincable enemy, it showed me killing the players like it was a normal thing and then spraying the crap outa the area where he was standing. Where as in the live gameplay I stopped firing the moment he died.



      The Other important reason why It has to be Live gameplay is because If you are claiming to be having a problem, then it HAS to be because of something you are seeing on your end, something that is happening to you. If your bullets are vanishing that is something that can be shown. Claim your a full second behind? That will be as obvious as night and day if its true.


      another tidbit of information is everyone gets their own set of bullets holes. what I mean is this, go into split screen and go look at the same wall. have pne player shoot the crap out of it. the bullet hole pattern will be different. In CoD bullet holes can not be used to identify where a shot "landed". the best way to figure that out is where the gun was aimed at when it was fired.


      EDIT: alright as much as I didnt want to go down this route, At any time if Nubdub posts in this topic I will not respond to it. I adding this bit to say why. For months I have been trying and trying and trying to get him to cooperate in atleast some capacity and he refuses. he does not wish to follow the spirit of this thread continueing to ignore posts/not answer all of it but simply what he can argue with and ignoring the rest. If you wish to still chat with him go ahead. but I will not. I will spend my time helping those who can be helped.


      ADDITONAL EDIT: adding SKUNKDUNKER to the list of people who I will not interact with from this point forward. Reason being is he is one of those people who tries to disrupt and discredit through lies.

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