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    headquarters feedback for Black ops 2

      Hello all. Hopefully this is the area to post some feedback for Black ops2. I did not want to do it over in the xbox section because i was afraid it would get overlooked because of the usual rants over there.


      I have been playing Black ops steadily for the last month or so. been playing Headquarters mostly as i have been since the game came out in november. Since this last title update on the 360. We have been having major gameplay and spawn issues. Now i know people have always been complaining about spawns in other game modes, but HQ just like domination and demolition really were never a issue.


      Since the last title update. headquarters game mode has been throwing some really bad spawns at us. Depending on the HQ site.

      It will spawn us in a fixed area over and over regardless of enemies near or not,

      We will also see spawning into direct line of fire between 2 players.

      Spawn solutions in the game will put us at the furthest point in the map over and over and over. With no chance to even try and cap a HQ.

      The spawn system will also spawn all players in the game in the same area over and over as well. it gets old real fast when you spawn, walk 2 feet and get shot in the back.


      Best map examples are:

      Hijacked. You will always spawn at the other end of the boat if the HQ is at the other end.


      Slums is the best example. Large map, If the HQ is not in the center, you have no chance to capture unless you are using tactical insertions. The game will truly spawn both teams at the other end of the map.It then becomes a game of spawn killing until someone gets through and caps the point. This was always the best map for HQ because of the good spawns and fairness to both teams prior to the update.


      Studio,  I challenge anyone to start the game, run up and get a quick kill. Stay in your spawn for just 10 seconds. This will guarantee a death from behind you.Besides that complaint, you will still spawn with enemies.


      Nuketown. Yes i know what nuketown is and what to expect. But i do not expect to spawn in the corner of the map and having my enemy spawn directly across from me over and over within a very small fenced in space. Not to mention the spawns almost seemed fixed like they use to be in demolition Blops 1.



      So all i am asking is to have someone look into this. It is a known problem amongst the usual HQ community and maybe we can get the old spawm system back before the last title update..At least for HQ.