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    Player Level UP and Better Leader Boards but Mainly just about Player Level UP's (Suggestion/Idea/)

      I would like to put a suggestion in for players that like to play the game for the longevity. Not to say it wouldn't be for the players that have a short time to play and that's what makes my idea great. To get with it.


      First let everyone see the leader boards for the players in a public lobby. A few things that need to be shown are the Rounds each player made it to and the highest Player Level they made it to. More on that.


      We have rounds right well we have explored that to the heights of being bored. It has made us resort to the maps layout for back up after we go through the process of obtaining everything that we can on the map. Then boredom sets in. 


      Well let's say you can get something that allows you to have armor or an abilities.  The currency for obtaining this armor or abilities would be you give everything up once you get two weapons(upgraded),perks and enough points(a given amount for balance whatever it be 10,020 points) 


      Once you give up everything you can obtain an ability like more health, the ability to knock zombies down, melee/bashing ability like the tomahawk or Galvack knuckles or bash with weapon ability, Reviving ability. You would have a list to choose from etc. The more times you do this it will increase the abilities power on the zombies if you choose the same one or you can pick another one. This would also give you a player level up each time so when you buy Jugger it would give you more health. The player level will be shown on stats Hub.


      To balance this the zombies would still get stronger faster than you can obtain the player level ups for more health although you would be able to last longer. And have an objective to complete and each game would be different for you by choosing the abilities differently.


      Lastly the zombies can grab you and bite. To counter this you can obtain the ability for more resistance to the zombies bite. The resistance ability will work great with melee or bashing ability.


      The whole point is to harness the enjoyment out of the game for more longevity game play on a map and future maps. Giving the players that something new and at the same time making us work for what we get by earning player level ups.


      Any feedback would be great?